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The Teskey Brothers channel a hint of Muscle Shoals rhythm on their cover of The Zombies’ ‘This Will be Our Year’

The Teskey Brothers make their eagerly anticipated return with the release of their new single, ‘This Will Be Our Year’ – a cover of the classic song by The Zombies, and a timely sentiment as we approach 2023.

“We just played it in our way,” says Sam. “That’s the cool thing—sometimes when you try and cover something and you don’t spend too long trying to make it perfect, you just naturally fall into your own way of playing it and it naturally becomes your own thing.”

The Teskey Brothers version of ‘This Will Be Our Year’ retains the harmonic and melodic integrity of the Zombies original, but in their hands, ‘This Will Be Our Year’ feels untethered to the past, newly animated by Josh’s distinctive vocal expression. The arrangement is unfussy, decorated with organs, horns and a hint of Muscle Shoals in the rhythm section. They haven’t given it a complete facelift, but the psychedelic-era pop sound of the original is supplanted by classic Teskey Brothers soul.

“’This Will Be Our Year’ is one of the most beautiful and interesting songs of all time, that everyone SHOULD know but not many people have really heard of… The question I keep asking is ‘how did they fit so many beautiful lyrics into that rhythm and melody?’ It shouldn’t work so well. But it does.

I love this song and the sentiment to bring in the new year. ‘This Will Be Our Year’ by The Zombies, the Teskeyfied version. Happy festive season and bring on 2023!” – Josh Teskey

The Teskey Brothers are one of the great success stories in contemporary soul and roots music. Rooted in the partnership between vocalist Josh Teskey and his brother, guitarist and engineer Sam Teskey, the soul and R&B outfit from Warrandyte on the fringes of Melbourne have made their mark on the mainstream since releasing their debut album, ‘Half Mile Harvest’, in January 2017.

The Teskey Brothers’ second album, 2019’s ‘Run Home Slow’ resonated with audiences across the globe, leading to major headline shows in London, Amsterdam and New York.  In the wake of its success, Sam Teskey earned a Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Album and The Teskey Brothers released a live album ‘Live At The Forum’.

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