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‘The Suspect’ Episode 5 preview

The Suspect‘ comes to an end on Monday night and last night’s penultimate episode turned up plenty of interesting developments.

If you want to avoid spoilers for ‘The Suspect’, stop reading this article now.

Joe (Aidan Turner) made a significant discovery in the latest episode thanks to the help of Melinda (Angela Griffin). Returning to Liverpool, Joe was shocked to find out that it was he who signed the order that essentially wrongly labelled Bobby’s (Bobby Schofield) father a paedophile.

Not only that but he realised that Bobby was targeting loved ones of those that had a hand in his case when he was a child. Could Bobby really be behind everything?

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The synopsis for the final episode of the series is:

Having finally uncovered the truth, Joe now faces the challenge of convincing those around him before it is too late, while DI Ruiz takes a calculated risk. Will it pay off, or backfire horribly? At the moment Joe thinks he is finally out of the woods, the stakes suddenly become life or death. Can his skills as a psychologist get him out of trouble one more time?

‘The Suspect’ concludes at 9pm Monday on ITV. Preview the episode with our gallery below:

Credit: World Productions for ITV
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