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Interview – Priscilla Block talks milestones & goals, touring the UK and which bar in Nashville is her bar

These past couple of years have been a blur for Priscilla Block. From blowing up on TikTok with songs like ‘Thick Thighs’, PMS’ and ‘Just About Over You’ to signing a record deal to guest-hosting on the ACM awards to playing the C2C festival in London, Block has rapidly become a well recognised and beloved member of Nashville’s Country music community. She calls her socials a ‘train wreck’ but there is no doubt that Block has added an injection of verve, spirit and fun into a genre not best none for self-deprecation. We were thrilled to catch up with her to talk all about it at this year’s Long Road festival in Leicestershire, UK.

Great to speak to you again, Priscilla, thank you for your time. We first spoke with each other when you were an independent artist just blowing up on TikTok! Have the past 2-3 years passed in a blur or have you been able to take it in and enjoy it?

There’s been a lot going on, you know! Somedays it feels like it’s been ten years and then there are somedays it feels very much like an overnight thing. (laughing) It’s kinda crazy!

What’s been the biggest milestone that’s happened to you in that time?

I don’t know, there are so many! There have been a lot of firsts for me. Being part of my first ever award show when I got to host the red carpet at the ACMs was really special. Getting out on tour and being able to do headlining shows and see how dedicated the fans are has also been really cool too.

What’s left on the bucket list?

OMG, I gotta lot left to do and there are still so many things left on that list. I kinda want to just do it all! (laughing) Female vocalist of the year is definitely on the goal list alongside so many more things.

We were at the Nissan stadium in June for CMAFest and was very touched by the story you told about coming to the festival in years gone by and sitting in the stands. It brought a tear to your eyes on stage but also moved a lot of people in the crowd too.

I’m an emotional train wreck on a daily basis so there is nothing new there! (laughing) It was hard to pull myself back together after that particular moment though because it was such an unreal situation, to be standing on stage in a stadium that I had only ever gone to before as a fan. Sometimes I was even just stood outside of the stadium because I couldn’t afford to get in!

And now you find yourself in a tent in England!! (Priscilla played the Interstate tent on the Friday night and the main Rhinestone stage on the Saturday)

I know! Someone needs to tell me just what’s going on!! (laughing)

Tell me about last night’s show. The energy seemed great, the crowd was great.

Last night was amazing. There was so many people crammed in there and it still blows my mind that I am in a whole new country right now but people still know my songs. It’s so special, it’s not just a couple of songs that people know, it’s every single one. I feel like I am home, you know?

We’ve been out here playing a bunch of shows around the Long Road festival. England, Scotland, Ireland, right? It’s crazy, I’m seeing the same faces at lots of the shows as well, which I’m so grateful to them for.

You’ve just released ‘Off the Deep End’. Was that a song left over from the writing sessions from “Welcome to the Block Party’ or is it a new write?

Honestly, that one is pretty new. I wanted to record a feel-good summer song and to put something fun out for summer and ‘Deep End’ fit the bill. I said to the label that I’d just written it and asked them if we could maybe just throw it out there.

So you’ve got ‘My Bar’ at Country radio but you can also release new content to streaming. The industry is very fluid at the moment. That must be exciting?

I’ve really lucked out with an awesome label and supportive team around me. Each song we record is kinda different, from the heartbreak songs to the party songs and they support me in whatever I want to do or want to release. With me you’ll always get a mix of sassy songs, trashy songs, sad songs and party songs – that reflects who I am as a person and the label are 100% behind that.

My favourite song of yours is ‘Like A Boy’ but you didn’t play that in the tent last night because I think you were more in party mode. Will you play that on the main stage today?

Yeah, that’s right. We felt it didn’t quite fit the vibe of the venue last night. We might switch it up and play it tonight, I don’t know! (laughing) (Priscilla did play the song and even referenced us asking her to play it!)

With ‘My Bar’ being out at Country radio – Where is the bar in Nashville that you’d fight to protect or keep your own if you had to?

Oh my gosh! There are a couple but I feel like right now my bar would be the Nashville Palace. I used to play there before everything blew up and it still has that old school, Country feel that I love.

Priscllia Block’s ‘Welcome to the Block Party’ is available to stream or buy on all platforms right now.

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