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Allie Colleen releases emotional new single ‘Feels Like’

Allie Colleen has announced the release of her new thought-provoking and emotional single, ‘Feels Like.’ Penned by Allie Colleen and Kimberly Atwood, the uplifting new love song is bursting with relatable descriptions expressing how it feels being with that special someone. The song is a thoughtful, melodic look at love underpinned by an original backbeat and some terrific twangy guitars.

‘Feels Like’ is available today on all digital music platforms, including iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube Music and more for streaming and digital download at https://cmdshft.ffm.to/feelslike

“I’ve always wanted a love song that I could live out when I sang it. For me, every single memory, every single recount in this song comes from a very special place in my life when I felt more loved than I’ve ever felt,” reflects Allie Colleen. ”In my case, of course, almost every memory is a childhood memory or a memory with friends or family, not so much romantic memories, except one, but that’s up to the interpreter.”

Allie added, “I like to think that if you can find a romantic partner that makes you feel just as good as your parents did as a child or just as good as comfort food after a night out, you’ve really found something, and I hope that this song makes you think of somebody.”

“Feels Like” was co-produced by Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann and Cody LaBelle in Nashville, TN.

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