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Watch or Read as Tyler Hubbard talks ‘Dancin’ in the Country’ with Kelleigh Bannen

Tyler Hubbard joins ‘Today’s Country Radio’ with Kelleigh Bannen to talk about his debut solo EP, ‘Dancin’ In The Country,’ which gives listeners a chance to get to know one half of Florida Georgia Line better than ever before. In his conversation with Kelleigh, Tyler talks songwriting, performing solo for the first time, and how leaving your small town doesn’t need to change your values.

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Tyler Hubbard on Creating Music as a Solo Artist vs. With Florida Georgia Line.

Doing it within FGL for so many years has been incredible, but you sort of keep it in the box and the brand and you are confined to that in a sense, where you can only get so deep and get so personal, because it’s not a personal project. It’s a group thing. It’s about mine and BK’s story. So to get to share our own stories and have our own voice and individuality, it’s been awesome… BK and I have grown into different seasons of life right now. So, we’d be really respectful of one another, but I couldn’t talk about, as much in the music being a dad… And just stuff that we’re in both beautiful seasons of life, but we’re just living in different chapters right now.

Tyler Hubbard on His Friendship with Keith Urban.

He’s great. I’ve admired and respected Keith for a long time. We’ve actually only written one song together, which is ‘Dancin’ In The Country’ so we’ll do that more, especially this fall being out with him, but he’s always just been so great, supportive, and kind to me, and really been a friend. He texts me on the regular basis and reaches out and just literally says, “How you doing?” And it’s just, “Oh wow.” I know he’s busy. I know we’re all busy. And to take the time to think about me and just to text me and ask me how I’m doing, I don’t know, it goes a long way.

Tyler Hubbard on Writing ‘Dancin’ In The Country‘.

It was me and Ross Copperman, Jon Nite, and Keith [Urban] and we went to Ross’ little writing room and we pretty much just had a good time. I said, “Let’s write something that feels good. That’s really fun. That makes you want to dance.” We’ve been having these dance parties every night at my house after dinner with our three kids… And so, I was sort of in that head space of, let’s just make some fun music. So Ross and Keith started chipping away at making a track. Jon and I started chipping away at the lyrics and just putting all the puzzle pieces together… I think, we wrote that song in three hours and had a great demo that evening.

Tyler Hubbard on Performing Solo, Without Florida Georgia Line.

With this being all new, there is a little bit more, I don’t know, anxiety might not be the word, just nerves. But the few times I’ve done it, once I stepped out there and got [rocking], and I was, “Oh, this feels great. Feels right at home.” The fan’s energy is through the roof and I’m just playing off them and they’re playing off me and we’re having so much fun. It felt great, but it’ll definitely, I think, take some time to truly adjust. There’ll be times I’ll look over and, “Oh yeah, BK is not over there.” But I still have my band guys and the fans that just feel they’re just there to support.

Tyler Hubbard on a Full Album Coming in January.

In January, I’m putting out the full album. This first project coming out is basically just so the fans don’t have to wait until January. Honestly, being out on the road with Keith [Urban], I wanted to have more songs out that the fans could know and come sing with me live, so that’s the purpose of this project. There’s five new songs out. And so, I’ll have eight out total in the fall and maybe we’ll put one more out later on the fall. But full project coming in January, which will be 18 songs we’ve recorded.

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