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These are the Top 5 sport movies on Netflix right now

There is always plenty of sport to watch online.

Sometimes though, rather than watching the latest Premier League game or big fight, we prefer to watch a movie about sport. Netflix has a great selection, both of movies and documentaries.

Here’s our top five sports movies on Netflix right now.


After the ‘Rocky’ movies came ‘Creed’ and it proved to be a real knockout. You’ll remember the character Apollo Creed who appeared in the first four ‘Rocky’ movies. He’s the Muhammad Ali like champion who lost his title to Rocky but then helped him regain the title before being killed off in ‘Rocky IV’.

‘Creed’ follows the career of his son Donnie who follows his father into the ring. He gets in touch with Rocky who agrees to help him out despite his health problems. A title fight with Ricky Conlan (played by former cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew) follows. It’s all a bit like a soap opera with plenty of punches but one boxing fans will love.

Happy Gilmore

Golf is a sport that needs a lot of patience, especially when looking for your ball in the rough. This 1996 movie stars Adam Sandler in the title role, playing an ice-hockey player who tries his hand at golf.

He turns out to be highly talented, especially driving the ball long distances. He’s not that hot on etiquette though and his putting is appalling. He needs money to help avoid seeing his granny lose her home. To do that though he must sort his putting out and curb his temper. Any golf fan who has missed a short putt will appreciate the humour of this movie.

Jerry Maguire

1996 was a good year for sports movies with this film also released. It stars Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cuba Gooding Jr. The latter won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as an American Footballer wanting a better contract.

Cruise plays the title role of the sports agent who helps him. He’ll forever be known for saying “show me the money.” With agents becoming so important in sport these days, this was probably a bit ahead of its time.

I Believe in Miracles

We also asked our friend Petar Petrov, who is a football expert at Oddspedia to recommend a good football movie and he said that United (2011) is one of his favourites. But as a sworn Manchester United supporter he might be a little biased.”

You can see that on Netflix but how about watching ‘I Believe in Miracles’ too. This is a fascinating documentary about Brian Clough and the amazing success he had at Nottingham Forest. 1975 had seen him last only 44 days in charge of Leeds and it looked as if his managerial career was over.

16 weeks later he took over as the new manager of Nottingham Forest. They were struggling in the old English Division Two, but he transformed the club. Forest went on to be promoted, win the First Division and then the European Cup two seasons in a row. 

Nacho Libre

Professional wrestling can be like a movie with its predetermined nature. ‘Nacho Libre’ (2006) stars Jack Black and will have you laughing your head off.

Black plays Ignacio, who works as a cook at a cash starved orphanage. He dreams of being a Lucha Libre wrestler and dons a mask (they love those in Mexico) to become a wrestler with the aim of raising cash for the orphanage. Can he keep his identity unknown, what do you think?

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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