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Collect All Pets Gold Boost Codes List

Collect All Pets is the new kid on the block on Roblox and is speedily gaining a massive following. It’s good to look at, easy to play and VERY addictive making it the perfect game for the platform.

For those of you who are already playing you might be finding the grind to get gold a bit of a chore. To help out with this I’ve pulled together all of the codes that will give you a double gold boost. Most of them will give you a two-hour boost but feel free to redeem them all one after the other as your boost time will increase with each code redeemed. They also stack with event boosts and the 1.5x boost you can buy from the shop. All codes were working at the time of writing.


  • FirstCodeEver
  • IfYouAintFirst
  • Erdentempel
  • 4815162342
  • MemoryLeak
  • Taikatalvi
  • Groupie
  • SecretCodeWasHere
  • HorseWithNoName
  • Click
  • Brrrrr
  • TreeSauce
  • TillFjalls
  • Orion
  • PillarsOfCreation

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