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Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Series 3 Episode 5 Recap

Welcome to our weekly look at what has been going on in the Werk Room and Main Stage of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK Series 3.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Rupaul’s Drag Race, stop reading now.

Last week no queens went home when Ru did the double save, meaning Charity and Scarlett get to slay another day! In the Werk Room, Scarlett pointed out that Charity and Kitty are the only girls without badges but who will have a new pin this week?

As a new week began, Ru entered the Werk Room to set the mini challenge; Rupaul’s Dog Race! All the girls were asked to pair up with their besties and there was an awkward moment when Charity blanked Scarlett in favour of Kitty. Ru then showed them an agility course and told one of each pair to dress as a dog and the other as the handler. It was a silly challenge, but Krystal and Scarlett stood out from the pack with the former as a tarty mum type and Scarlett as the dog. Ru announced the pair as the winners of the mini challenge.

This week’s maxi challenge was to create an advert for Draglexa – a twist on Alexa. Scarlett and Krystal were team captains and took turns to pick their teams with Scarlett leaving Charity to the end for Krystal’s team.

Team one was Scarlett, Kitty, Ella and Choriza and they instantly seemed to get on the same wave length and decided on creating three characters that a user could call upon from Draglexa.

Team two seemed all too polite for anyone to take the lead and soon Charity was trying to push her idea forward. No surprise that she wanted Draglexa to have a deep, scary voice.

Both teams got to record their adverts with Michelle Visage and Scarlett’s team seemed very disorganised and very unfunny (cue a constipated Kitty on the toilet). Team two, seemed to have more of a concept and soon Charity was directing.

As the queens got ready for the runway, Scarlett opened up to Kitty about how she uses humour in hard times. She explained that her mum and her fought like cats and dogs but it wasn’t until recent years when her mum was diagnosed with CPOD that they became really close.

On the runway, the theme was ‘Expenny Henny’ (expensive looks) and joining Ru, Alan and Michelle on the judging panel was Little Mix’s Leigh-Ann Pinnock. Ella was first out and had a classy Audrey Hepburn style black dress but there was a surprise as she turned her back to the panel to reveal a sheer panel with jewels.

Choriza came out in a gold leather Cowgirl look which actually looked very cheap! Scarlett had a power suit and fur coat giving a female boss, pimp look. Krystal had a Swarovski bedazzled catsuit but we’d seen a similar look in her girl band challenge. Vanity looked pretty but bit unexciting in a chandelier inspired catsuit and Kitty actually looked her classiest yet in a gold catsuit with coin adornments.

Charity was like a scary Tooth Fairy, which was a very detailed look but her looks are starting to get very samey; scary looking creatures rather than female illusions.

As the girls lined the stage, the two commercials were shown and Ru barely cracked a smile. Scarlett’s team’s video was pretty poor, incoherent and not funny, however Krystal’s team’s video actually did an ok job and it’s certainly better than some of the previous infomercials we’ve seen across the Drag Race franchise. Ru was not impressed with either team and gave the girls a bit of a telling off for not delivering something new and funny. She then dropped the bombshell that no one would be winning a badge this week and everyone would be in the bottom.

Ru then asked the queens to tell her who they think deserved to go home this week…and the fun began! Ella started and chose Charity, as did Scarlett although Kitty singled out Vanity for not being a fan of her looks! Another surprise was Choriza who chose her team mate Scarlett who reacted by telling Ru her other ideas. This started a trend for all the other queens to pick Scarlett too. Mainly the reason being that they felt after last week she seemed defeated and didn’t up her game this week. Scarlett looked very, very peeved.

As the queens retired to the Werk Room the atmosphere was dark and Scarlett said she didn’t want to talk about it before being pulled in to a conversation and then storming off. Not a good look on her!

When the queens returned to the Main Stage, Ru sent everyone bar Scarlett, Charity and Vanity to safety. She then saved Vanity, meaning for a second week running Scarlett would be facing off in the lip-sync against Charity; this time there would be no double save.

As Shirley Bassey’s ‘Big Spender’ blared through the speakers, Scarlett proved she wanted to be there with an immaculate lip-sync. Ru asked her to stay, sending Charity home.

Next week, the library is open and it looks like Scarlett is looking for revenge, oh and it’s Snatch Game!

Rupaul’s Drag Race UK’ series 3 continues weekly, Thursday at 7pm on BBC iPlayer/BBC Three.

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