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Junkbots Teams Up With Roblox To Launch New Experience

To celebrate the launch of the brand-new collection of Hexbug Junkbots (Factory Collection), Roblox, the online game platform and game creation system, has introduced skills from Hexbug Junkbots. Roblox, which boasted 47 million daily users in July, allows users to program games and play games created by other users.

An exciting all-new, interactive experience, Junkbots is converging the best in play, story, entertainment, and technology allowing fans to immerse themselves like never before with all-new Junkbot skins. Adding to the fun, users can now be a Junkbot on the online interactive game from Roblox – just in time for the toys hitting the shelves with an all-new environment-based Junkbots Factory Collection in September.

After this Summer’s drop of the incredibly popular Junkbots toy line and eight-part YouTube series, children will fall in love with their favourite characters by transforming into them online in the interactive game. Immerse yourself into the rich universe of Junkbots by teaming up and joining the race to save the city alongside their friends in a multi-chapter Roblox story game.

The Junkbots Roblox game offers hours of content, with multiple mini-games within each mission and dozens of playable set pieces. Players can further immerse themselves with a unique “playground experience” where they can come together, socialise, customise their worlds, and explore in between playing story episodes.

For more information on JUNKBOTS, visit www.JUNKBOTS.com. Follow the web series on HEXBUGS YouTube channel.

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