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‘Innocent’ Series 2 Episode 3 preview

The investigation took a turn in tonight’s episode of ‘Innocent’ as the pieces started to come together.

If you want to avoid spoilers for ‘Innocent’, stop reading now.

During tonight’s episode the spotlight fell on Anna (Ellie Rawnsley) who was found to have lied about Sally’s (Katherine Kelly) relationship with Matthew. It turns out she was a bit obsessed with her former classmate, so much so that she carved his name into her chest. Facing perjury charges, Anna’s future isn’t looking so bright.

Sally meanwhile successfully got a job at school, much to the chagrin of Karen (Priyanga Burford) and her return to Keswick began to cause problems between Sam (Jamie Bamber) and Karen. Determined to take back what was hers, Sally spent time with Sam and returned a keyring to him that she found in her belongings that she gave to him as a gift on their first date.

Elsewhere Mike (Shaun Dooley) tried to crack the Taylors and find out who Matthew’s biological father was.

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The synopsis for episode 3 is:

As Sally and Sam grow closer, the police investigation turns to Gary Walker, but what is his connection? Meanwhile, Bethany’s link to Matthew comes to light as Karen admits a damning secret.

‘Innocent’ continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV. Preview the episode with our gallery below:

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