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Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing ‘Adopt Me’ On Roblox

A few hints and tips to make the best start in Adopt Me.

Adopt Me
Credit: Roblox

Adopt Me is by far one of the most popular games on the Roblox platforms. Whenever I go to log it’s common to see hundreds of thousands of people already playing. On the surface, it looks like quite a simple game but there is plenty to discover as you play the game. In the list below I’ve pulled together the main things I wish I knew when I first started playing Adopt Me.

Pets can take a very long time to level up

A big part of the game is levelling up your pets so that they are fully grown. Not only does help you make money in the game by completing tasks but you’ll need your pets to be fully grown to turn them into neon pets (see below).

More common pets will level up relatively quickly but the rarer ones require a significant investment of time. To speed this up I actually use two different accounts so that I can level up two pets at once. A legendary pet will easily take over six hours to level up to fully grown.

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How to make neons

You may have noticed that some players have pets that glow in all sorts of crazy, bright colours. These pets are known as neons and make your pets much more desirable. To make a neon you first need to have four of the same pet. Next you need to level all four up to being fully grown. Finally, you need to visit a hidden cave that is under a bridge on Adoption Island.

Once inside you place each of your pets on a different circle and your neon will be born. Be warned this process will consume your four pets and is irreversible.

Scammers are everywhere

Scammers are a sad reality in Adopt Me. These are people whose only goal is to try and trick you into giving them your hard-earned pets. They will make offers that seem too good to be true and sadly they always are. The Adopt Me developers are aware of this and have recently updated the game to make scamming much harder but it still exists.

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If you’re worried about getting scammed, check out our article on scamming in Adopt Me.

How to make money

The currency in Adopt Me is known as bucks. Making bucks is pretty easy but can take a while to build up your balance. You will need money to buy things to upgrade your house, buy new pet eggs and for a multitude of other things. The easiest way to make bucks is to simply take care of your pet’s needs. Each time you take care of your pet you will get a bucks reward.

For more detail on how to make bucks check out our how to make money in Adopt Me article.

Travel shortcuts

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Completing the various daily quests in Adopt Me can have you travelling all over the map which can be time-consuming. You can get vehicles to use on the map to speed things up but there are a few tricks you can use to teleport instantly to some locations.

To teleport back to your home all you need to do is reset your character, in the main Roblox menu. This will teleport you back home but it will put away your pet and will remove any buffs you had active.

To teleport to Adoption Island simply open up your inventory, select gifts and then hit the plus symbol. Select yes and you will be teleported to the gifts store at the centre of the island.

Finally, if you want to get to the playground quickly simply open your inventory, select strollers and hit the plus symbol. This will take you to the stroller shop, simply exit the door and boom, you’re at the playground.

You can feed and water your pets for free at the school

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If you haven’t been there yet you should pay the school a visit. As you enter, take the first right and you’ll be in the room with the pet trainer. Also in this room are pet bowls for food and water plus several beds. Hanging out in this room ensures your pets have access to everything they need without depleting your own resources.

If you take the room to the left as you enter the school you’ll find an apple on the desk. This can be picked up multiple times and gives you another free source of food.

There is a grocery store

If you need to get supplies for your pets or yourself you may be wondering where to get them from. The answer is the grocery store which, once you’ve found it will be invaluable for keeping your pets and yourself fed and watered. The store is easy to miss as there are no signs explaining what the building is.

Watch the video below to see where it is.

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Some pets are no longer available making some common pets very valuable

A lot of the pets in Adopt Me are only available for a limited time. This can mean that some pets are much harder to obtain than others and will only be available through trading. It can also mean that what were once common pets become extremely valuable. Take, for instance, the pink cat. This guy was a common pet when it was first released but as not nearly as many people played Adopt Me as they do now this pet is in high demand and to get one you’ll need to trade away several legendary pets.

Healing apple

Occasionally you or your pet will get sick whilst playing. To fix this you’ll need to pay a trip to the doctors to get better. This can be a little time consuming depending on where you have to travel from but there is a way to take healing with you where ever you travel.

This is done via the healing apple which can be found in the doctor’s surgery. Once you enter the building turn left and keep going until you get to the last room. You will see a golden healing apple on the table which can be looted multiple times.

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Now, each time you or your pet get sick simply eat a healing apple to get better.

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