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Colton Dixon – Colton Dixon EP review

Colton Dixon
Credit: Atlantic Records

Colton Dixon finished in seventh place on American Idol in 2012 and following his time on the show he signed a record deal. That yielded four studios and marked the start of his journey as a Christian artist. Three of the albums hit number one on the US Top Christian Albums chart and Colton became one of the most successful American Idol contestants in recent memory. Following the release of fourth album Identity, Colton’s record deal ended and after some time considering his future, which he spoke to me about recently, he signed a new deal with Atlantic Records.

The first fruits of that is a new self-titled EP that sees the singer-songwriter making a sharp change in direction musically. The good news for his long-time fans is that although musically this is very different, lyrically the songs are still grounded in faith. This isn’t an attempt to sell-out and reach a wider audience, it’s the sign of an artist that’s comfortable moving into a bolder direction as he evolves as both an artist and a human being.

The lead single is Miracles, co-written and produced by the late busbee. It’s a bombastic, uplifting, humongous pop tune of the kind we’re desperately in need of right now. Musically you can’t help but get swept away by the rhythm and lyrically it’s pretty inspiring at a time when hope feels in short supply. Add to that Colton’s silky and powerful voice, and you’ve got yourself a solid start to the EP.

Thankfully the other four songs here live up to the expectation set by Miracles. Devil is a Liar is a pulsating electro-pop moment that sees Colton wrestling with his identity and the expectations of others, while the gorgeous Can’t Quit You is a modern take on the love ballad that is sure to be a hit on the charts. That song also features one of Colton’s best vocals on the EP as he explores all the different parts of his voice to great effect.

Wanderer is a slow-building atmospheric song that explodes into an epic chorus. The song feels so big and it demands you crank the volume loud. The stomping beat drives the track and Colton’s vocals really get a chance to soar. The EP comes to a close with Never Goodbye, which lyrically explores the idea of life changing but never closing the door on one chapter as you begin another one. Like all of the songs here, it’s uplifting and positive, and it leaves you wanting more.

With this new EP, Colton has come back refreshed and with a renewed energy. These songs are unlike anything we’ve heard from him before but they are certain to continue building on the success he’s already had since his time on American Idol. There’s a good chance these songs could help him find an audience outside of the Christian market and outside of the US. The EP is full of big pop tunes with Colton’s voice dominating, and it’s completely addictive.

Track listing: 1. Miracles 2. Devil Is a Liar 3. Can’t Quit You 4. Wanderer 5. Not Goodbye Record label: Atlantic Records Release date: 15th May 2020 Buy Colton Dixon EP

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Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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