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Total War: Warhammer 2 introduces Gotrek and Felix

The guys at Creative Assembly have decided to give Warhammer fans a treat by adding the legendary Gotrek and Felix to the list of available heroes to play within  Total War: Warhammer 2. For anyone not sure who these guys are let me explain.

Gotrek Gurnisson is a legendary Dwarf Slayer who has vowed to seek out the most powerful foes in order to die a glorious death at the hands of a worthy foe. There’s one problem though, Gotrek is such a tough bastard that he hasn’t managed to find anyone or anything that can kill him as of yet. His companion Felix is a poet/bard who has decided to accompany Gotrek on his travels so that he can record the epic moment of Gotrek’s death. Between them, they have fought countless foes and slain them all making them deadly on the battlefield.

Credit: Creative Assembly

Gorek and Felix function differently to other characters within the game:

  • Gotrek and Felix are initially recruited from their quest marker as a pair. Gotrek effectively functions as a Lord, and Felix is a Hero that accompanies him. This means they can function as an army just by themselves, and you can send them off around the world on adventures of their own, or supply them with troops and have them function in the same way as your other armies. Although with a rather powerful pair of characters leading it!
  • They might be swords for hire, but they have a certain moral code and will only enter the employ of Empire, Bretonnia and Dwarf factions. If you so much as look like a rat from a distance, don’t ask.
  • Gotrek and Felix will only stay with your faction for too long, around 20 turns or so, before Gotrek gets itchy feet and his deathwish commands him to seek adventure elsewhere.
Credit: Creative Assembly

There are two ways to get your hands on this free DLC pack. If you want it as soon as possible you’ll have to pick up the September issue of White Dwarf magazine where you’ll find yourself a code. If you’re happy to wait, the DLC will be downloadable for all from 17th September.

For more information check out the Gotrek and Felix FAQ.

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