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Beecham House episode 5 preview

After dodging questions for the past three episodes, John Beecham (Tom Bateman) finally came clean on the latest episode of Beecham House.

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Realising that he could end up losing Margaret (Dakota Blue Richards), Beecham gathered his family and friends together to tell them the truth about his life and his son. He recounted the story of how he saved the Maharaja (Denzil Smith) and his daughters Kamlavati (Saiyami Kher) and Chandrika (Pallavi Sharda).

During his recovery he fell in love with and married Kamlavati, who was August’s mother. Beecham and Kamlavati had to go into hiding with August to protect their family but Kamlavati was shot and killed. That forced Beecham to relocate with August, promising the Maharaja that he would protect his August’s identity.

It was revealed that when August grows older, he would eventually become the Maharaja so people would be out to find and kill him if they knew he was still alive and hadn’t died along with Kamlavati like they believed.

The episode also saw Samuel (Marc Warren) betray Beecham again by working with Castillon (Grégory Fitoussi).

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The synopsis for Beecham House episode 5 is:

John is shocked to discover that Margaret has left Delhi, but before he can react there is worse news at home. The truth behind his brother Daniel’s relationship with the beautiful servant Chanchal is exposed.

Beecham House continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV. Preview the next episode with our gallery below:

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