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Trust Me series 2 episode 1 recap

Corporal Jamie McCain started to believe there was a killer on the spinal injury ward.

Trust Me series 2 episode 1
Credit: BBC

Trust Me returned to BBC One tonight and this new four-part series tackles a completely different storyline to the first series.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Trust Me, stop reading this article right now.

Corporal Jamie McCain (Alfred Enoch) is the lead character of the new series, a soldier who ends up in a Glasgow hospital after suffering a spinal injury during combat. Falling through a roof, Jamie is now paralysed and when he arrives at the hospital he’s angry and unwilling to speak to anyone. Checked in by Head Physiotherapist Debbie (Ashley Jensen) and clinical lead Dr. Archie Watson (John Hannah), Jamie overhears that one of the other patients has died.

Danny (Elliot Cooper), an autistic patient gets into an argument with another patient’s visitor, and Jamie attempted to diffuse the situation but was taunted that there wasn’t anything he could do. Thanks to Jamie’s attempt to help, Danny latched on to Jamie and quizzed him about his injury. Debbie interrupted them and told Danny to give Jamie some space.

Trust Me series 2 episode 1

Credit: BBC

The hospital staff had a meeting to discuss the death on the unit and to talk about Jamie’s arrival. Dr. Watson explained that Jamie was paraplegic and in spinal shock, and he told the team that Danny was being prepared to go home. It was also revealed that doctors Zoe Wade (Katie Clarkson-Hill) and Alex Kiernan (Richard Rankin) are engaged and have set a date for their wedding.

Danny continued to bug Jamie and he shared his suspicion that there’s a killer on the ward that’s targeting the patients one by one. He pleaded with Jamie to tell the staff what was going on, fearing that he won’t be believed. Jamie told Debbie that Danny was bothering him but he seemed a little intrigued by what he’d heard.

Following a brief nap, Jamie woke up to the sound of the patient next to him, Matt (Hamish Wyllie), watching porn. The man started having a seizure so Jamie tried to scream for help but couldn’t. He reached for his panic button and knocked it on the floor so he used the hand to push a jug of water onto the floor to get attention. The nurses hurried over and Zoe found scissors stuck in the man’s leg. She removed them and they stabilised him before moving him out of the ward. Jamie noticed that Danny had recorded the whole incident.

Zoe had a brief chat with Jamie and she explained that people who are paralysed can give themselves an adrenaline boost by harming the limbs that they can’t feel. We got another glimpse into the potential shady dealings going on in the hospital when Zoe was seen necking pills in private.

Trust Me series 2 episode 1

Credit: BBC

Waking up from a nightmare of one of his fellow soldiers being killed, Jamie panicked as Danny had his hand over his mouth. In order to get him to remove his hand, Jamie bit it and Danny continued to share his theory that someone was killing people on the ward.

Jamie was visited by a girl he’d had a one-night stand with who seemed to think that they were in a relationship. As he lay there in disbelief she talked at him and gave him a necklace with a ‘healing crystal’ on, which she hung over his bed.

Realising he was uncomfortable, Zoe hurried the girl away and checked on Jamie’s muscles. She gave him a bit of a pep talk and told him that his anger was a good thing as it would motivate him to get out of the hospital.

Danny asked Debbie to organise a meeting with the Chief Executive but refused to tell her what it was about. Zoe caught up with Dr. Watson about the post mortem on the man who died but he changed the subject and told her to focus on the patients that are still alive.

The next person to try and get through to Jamie was Dr. Karimi (Amiera Darwish), the ward’s psychiatrist. She tried to talk to him about the accident but Jamie responded negatively and she couldn’t get any information out of him about his family apart from that he didn’t talk to them. When she realised she wasn’t getting anywhere, she told him to call her if he was ready to talk.

Trust Me series 2 episode 1

Credit: BBC

Dr. Watson arranged a meeting with Alex to talk about Zoe and see if she was ‘better’ after having six months out of work. Alex assured him that she was fine and Dr. Watson expressed his desire for Zoe to stop focusing on negative outcomes as it may give the hospital a bad name.

Waking up from another nightmare about the death of his fellow soldier, Jamie saw her standing next to his bed. The two talked but it was soon confirmed that he was still dreaming. The next day Sergeant Ellen Ashurst (Katie Lyons) turned up at the hospital to investigate what happened on the day that two soldiers died and he had his accident. He was suspicious of her motives and it was suggested he was hiding something about what happened.

Danny told Jamie that he was going home and tried to give him his tablet with all of his research on. Jamie wouldn’t take it but told Danny that he had escalated his theories leading Danny to cancel the meeting he’d set up.

More shady goings-on in the hospital were exposed with the revelation that Dr. Watson and Debbie were having a secret affair. Is everyone in this hospital dodgy?

Trust Me series 2 episode 1

Credit: BBC

Waking up from another sleep, Jamie saw the nurses working on Danny who had gone into cardiac arrest. They were unable to save him and Jamie looked on helplessly as Danny died. He tried to get the attention of one of the nurse but they ignored him. It was then he noticed Danny’s tablet on his now vacant bed.

Reaching for the crystal necklace, Jamie managed to get it down and rammed the crystal into his leg, acting on the information Zoe had imparted earlier. As his leg bled, he dragged himself across the floor and got his hands on Danny’s tablet.

Preview Trust Me series 2 episode 2.

Trust Me continues at 9pm Tuesday on BBC One.


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