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The Widow 1×04 Violet recap

On the fourth episode of The Widow, Georgia (Kate Beckinsale) put herself in danger to get closer to Pieter (Bart Fouche).

If you’re not up to date with The Widow and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up 5 years earlier in London with Georgia out for a few drinks with the girls. She took a taxi home and found Will (Matthew Le Nevez) sat up with their baby daughter Violet. Georgia sat down and held Violet then sent her to sleep by tracing the shape of the letter V on her back.

The Widow - 1x04
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Another flashback showed a day when Georgia and Will slept in until 8:10am. They were surprised that Violet had let them sleep so Georgia checked to make sure the baby monitor was working. Will went to check on her and discovered that Violet wasn’t breathing. They called an ambulance but Violet had died in her sleep.

6 months after the death of Violet, the pair were understandably struggling to get back to normal. Georgia took long walks, while Will sat watching day time TV. She came home from one walk and found he’d doodled an entire newspaper page with the letter V. He said that it calmed him like it used to calm Violet. He mentioned therapy but Georgia wasn’t keen on the idea.

The final flashback showed us Georgia in hospital after her suicide attempt. Will wasn’t happy and wanted her to promise to never try to end it again.

The Widow - 1x04
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The present day action picked up where the last episode left us, at the aftermath of Georgia shooting one of the men who wanted to abduct her. Louise (Mathilde Warnier) panicked while Tom (Howard Charles) and Fabrice (Richard Lukunku) tried to calm her down. Tom asked who she really was and Georgia told the truth that she was looking for her husband. She suggested they get going but first grabbed her wedding ring back from the body of the man she killed.

They continued their journey and soon arrived in Kisima. Tom noticed that the mood of the people seemed wrong, like something had happened. Louise commented that something had always happened in the Congo. They parked up where they were due to provide vaccinations. A truck stopped full of armed militia and Fabrice went to talk to them. He told them that the group were providing aid and they told him to carry on.

They began unloading and Georgia helped carry boxes inside. Tom asked if she had killed before and she revealed that she was a Captain in the Royal Artillery. She said women weren’t allowed on the frontline but that she’d had the same training as the men. He asked again and she said that she hadn’t killed before.

The Widow - 1x04
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Once the aid station was set up, Tom began talking to the patients. Georgia interrupted to show her photo of Pieter Bello and people got upset. Louise told her to let them work so Georgia went off to try and talk to other people away from the aid station. She didn’t have any luck and as soon as people saw the photo they put their heads down and walked away. A group of militia drove up to Georgia and pushed her to the floor before shouting something and driving off.

After his shift, Tom asked Georgia if she had any luck with the photo. She hadn’t and he offered to help her. She was worried that she would get him in trouble but he said it was fine. A women walked up to them, it was the wife of the man who Adidja killed. She looked at the photo and confirmed it was Pieter. Her husband had helped Pieter run his operations.

In the jungle, Adidja (Shalom Nyandiko) was taking some time to herself after executing the man in Kisima. She was called back to the group where their leader Djamba (Réginal Kudiwu) performed some sort of ritual. Pieter asked Adidja if she was ok and said she had to kill the man because what they were about to do was serious and required soldiers not children. He then let Adidja join the ritual.

The Widow - 1x04
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The group then set off, heavily armed, to a local mine. When they got there they began firing their weapons and killed both the guards and the workers. Adidja hid out the way rather than take part. One of the attackers took a bullet to the leg and fell down screaming.

Georgia decided to go and try and speak to Pieter. Tom wanted to go with her later but she left alone. She found the mine that had been attacked. While looking, Adidja stumbled upon her and held her at gunpoint. Georgia said she was a doctor so Adidja took her to tend to the attacker who was shot. She managed to extract the bullet fragments from his left and bandage him up. Adidja said the same words that the milita said to Georgia and explained what they meant, something like “you got it wrong, the other one”. Adidja then sent Georgia back to Kisima.

Georgia went back at confronted Louise saying the militia men thought she was Louise. Louise explained that she transported precious metal into Rwanda for Pieter who paid her for it. Georgia wasn’t happy that Louise hadn’t told her that she knew Pieter. She demanded help to get to him.

The Widow - 1x04
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Louise went to see Pieter and told him that a white woman had arrived in Kisima to find him. Pieter tasked his men with going and dealing with Georgia. It was all part of a plan to get Pieter on his own. After the men left, Georgia managed to get into his cabin with a gun. She found a locked room and opened it. Inside she found a bed on the floor and the walls were filled with the letter V. It must be the place that Will had been held prisoner.

At the end of the episode, Pieter returned to his cabin to find Georgia waiting for him. She pointed her gun at him and asked what he’d done with her husband.

Elsewhere in the episode, in Rotterdam, Martin (Charles Dance) interviewed Ariel (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) to find out what he knew about the plane crash. Martin explained that he used to work in military intelligence and had identified Ariel by looking into the 13 people who were on the flight but not identified by DNA. They investigated their phone records and bank transactions and noticed that Ariel (under his old name) had withdrawn large sums of money, after the crash.

The Widow - 1x04
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Ariel thought Martin was interested in him. When he asked he explained that he was looking for Will and asked Ariel if he could remember seeing him on the flight. Ariel said he couldn’t remember the details of what he saw. He next quizzed him on the man who handed over the bag with the bomb. All Ariel could remember was that the man was in military dress with two stars on his jacket. Martin said it signified he was a Major General in the Air Force which narrowed the search to 30-40 men. Ariel struggled to help further due to his blindness.

Later, Ariel paid a visit to Martin. He wanted to go back to the DRC with Martin. While he couldn’t identify the general, he felt if he heard him speak again he would recognise his voice. He wanted to reveal the truth and bring those responsible to justice. His plan was to use himself as bait in order to atone.

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The fifth episode of The Widow airs Monday 22nd April on ITV at 9pm.

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