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The Widow 1×03 The Survivors preview

On the second episode of The Widow, Georgia (Kate Beckinsale) and Emmanuel (Jacky Ido) tracked down Pieter Bellow (Bart Fouche) to Kisima.

If you’re not up to date with The Widow and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The threatening ‘GO HOME’ note just made Georgia more determined to find out what had happened to Will (Matthew Le Nevez). She and Emmanuel tried to trace who sent her the car without success. The next lead came from an Internet search that pointed at an address where Pieter had a business. There Georgia stole an insurance document which led them to his ex-wife Vanda Steyn (Chanelle de Jager) and daughter Mia (Brooke Elliott).

With no help from Vanda, Georgia ambushed Mia after school and took her to the hospital. She also had a call placed to Vanda to say Mia was in hospital. Her aim was to show Vanda how worried she was about her missing husband. A furious Vanda told her that last she heard Pieter was in Kisima. Georgia decided that’s where she would head next, despite being warned of the dangers.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel had to keep dashing off to help his wife Ivette (Robinah Kironde). He later revealed that it was because her ex-husband was violent and it was he who damaged his car. We also learned that he met Ivette the day he looked through his dead wife Gaëlle’s (Luiana Bonfim) diary. He saw Ivette being beaten by her husband and intervened.

We also found out that Emmanuel felt responsible for Gaëlle’s death. Her diary revealed that she had agreed to carry something on board the plane that crashed for a large sum of money to clear his gambling debts. As Georgia and Emmanuel got ready to leave for the flight to Goma, Emmanuel had to dash off to his wife again. Georgia let him take the car but seconds after getting in, it exploded and killed him.

Elsewhere in the episode, in Rotterdam, it was revealed that Ariel Helgason (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) went home with Beatrix (Louise Brealey) and spent the night. Beatrix later looked into the plane crash herself and discovered the name of the solo survivor wasn’t Ariel. She later confronted him about it and he stormed off.

The next day he visited her home to say sorry. He reiterated that he was on board the plane when it crashed but that the reports of what happened were lies. It wasn’t brought down by mechanical failure, it was a bomb. He said he saw the person who took it on board – a pregnant woman carry a rucksack with a green lion on the front. An earlier flashback confirmed that this was Emmanuel’s wife Gaëlle.

At the end of the episode, Judith (Alex Kingston) decided to go to Kisima with Georgia. Meanwhile, it was revealed that a crate that had been transported across the border into Rwanda contained Will!

The next episode is The Survivors. Judith arranges a lift for Georgia with a group of medical aid workers, but the volatility of the region threatens to derail their journey. Pieter forces Adidja to partake in a terrifying exercise, while Ariel must confront the horrors of his past.

The third episode of The Widow airs Monday 15th April on ITV at 9pm. Preview it with our gallery:

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