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Curfew 1×07 preview

The remaining racers near the finish line.

Curfew - 1x07
Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 - Malachi Kirby (playing Michael Garwick)

On the sixth episode of Curfew, the racers worked together to try and rescue Michael (Malachi Kirby).

If you’re not up to date with Curfew and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up with a flashback to five years earlier when Michael and Ruby (Aimée-Ffion Edwards) were together. Their perfect day was interrupted by men storming their home and then Michael was taken prisoner. He was strapped to a chair and been spoken to by Sebastian Underhill (Peter Sullivan), who gave him an injection and explained he’d be kept fed and watered while they used him to cure the population.

Back to the present day, Michael was once again a prisoner, after being captured last episode. He was strapped to a chair inside a cage in the back of one of Brookheath’s prison trucks. With him was Sebastian who said he’d missed their chats. The truck was heading for Manchester where there would be a police escort to their air evac. To keep things quiet and to raise less suspicion the pursuit vehicles were called back to base.

Curfew - 1x06

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Malachi Kirby (playing Michael Garwick)

Coming up behind the prison truck was Kaye (Phoebe Fox) in MED VAC 239 and The Queens of Stone, Lou (Miranda Richardson) and Hanmei (Thaddea Graham) in their hot hatch. Lou tried to find out why they wanted Michael but Kaye said there was no time to explain. She then pulled up alongside the prison truck and tried to ram it off the road. Inside the truck, Sebastian told Michael that his loyalties no longer lay with BrookHeath who only wanted to monetise the cure. After talking to Helen Newman (Harriet Walter) he now wanted to cure everyone who was infected.

Kaye tried shooting the prison truck but its armour was too thick. Lou put out a call to the other racers for help rescuing Michael. Teams Dononhue and Awesome were also close by and decided to help. Roman (Ike Bennett) proposed using the bazooka to try and stop the truck. Kaye agreed so they dropped back so that they could pass it over to Kaye. She then put her foot down and overtook the prison truck again.

When Kaye was sufficiently ahead she parked up and got the bazooka ready. Once in range she fired and hit the truck which stopped immediately. Inside Kovacks (Richard Riddell) tried to get it started again and once he did he drove off.

Meanwhile, Sebastian started going through Michael’s past to try and pinpoint what had happened to him in order to be immune to the infection. They revisited his car crash and also when he first met Kaye, and fell in love, during the clinical trials.

Curfew - 1x06

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Peter Sullivan (playing Underhill)

He next looked back at a time he met up with The General (Sean Bean). He was hired to take part in a bank robbery and The General wanted to test him to make sure he could work a gun properly. On the day of the robbery they stormed the bank wearing overalls and tights on their heads. While the cash was being bagged up The General sneezed and the cashier said ‘Bless You’. The General flipped and demanded to know who said it. He then went on a shooting spree, killing as many people in the bank as possible while Michael fled and was involved in a car crash. Sebastian was interested in The General having had a cold which could have affected Michael’s operation.

The prison truck made it to Manchester and made it through the security checkpoint. Sebastian promised that if Michael trusted him that he wouldn’t be taken back to London.

Ahead of the others, Faith (Rose Williams) was making good progress in third place. That was until she had a blowout and had to stop. She got to work on changing the wheel but then Team Awesome showed up. She pulled a gun on them but Joker Jones (Billy Zane) got out and offered to help. She thought they were back for revenge after nearly running them over but they were happy to change her wheel.

Joker suggested she should get herself to a hospital with the baby so close. He offered for her to join them so they could look after her but she declined. Joker, El Capitano (Jason Thorpe) and Cheese (Guz Khan) then randomly jumped into a rendition of Everybody Needs Somebody To Love by The Blues Brothers. Confused, Faith jumped back in her car and sped off, leaving them to it.

Curfew - 1x06

Jessye Romeo (playing Meg Donahue) and Andi Osho (playing Jenny Donahue)

As Faith raced along she began talking to her baby, giving it advice for the future. Suddenly Cheese joined in, having been hid in the back seat. He’d decided to go with her to help with the baby.

MED VAC 239, Team Donohue and Queens of Stone arrived at the security checkpoint. Kaye said they should go on but they wanted to stay and help. Lou said it was a chance worth taking if saving Michael would help others. Jenny (Andi Osho) said after they got Michael back the gloves would be off and it would be back to the race.

It turned out that Lou knew officer Darby (Ryan Pope) who was in charge so she and Kaye went to talk to him. Lou said they needed to go after the prison truck. Lou suggested he radio the truck to say there was a security breach and direct them to a factory that she owned. That way they could intercept it and for his help Lou would let him keep the factory. He agreed to help.

The plan worked and Lou and the others ambushed Kovacks and the truck. What followed was a standoff with the security forces and the racers all pointing guns at one another. With the security forces outnumbered, Roman was tasked with getting the keys off Kovacks to release Michael.

Curfew - 1x06

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Peter Sullivan (playing Underhill), Richard Riddell (playing Sgt Kovacks), Jessye Romeo (playing Meg Donahue), Elijah Rowen (playing Zane) and Miranda Richardson (playing Lou Collins)

To break the standoff, Michael offered to shoot himself in the head. Sebastian and Kaye talked him down. Roman was grabbed by Darby who let them through but spotted Hanmei with her sniper rifle. He moved and she started shooting, the other racers joined in and they took out all the security services. Michael put a final bullet in Kovacks and then Sebastian called out for help. Kaye and Michael helped Sebastian to the ambulance and the race resumed.

On the seventh episode of Curfew, the remaining racers near the finish line as they approach the Scottish Highlands. Kaye confesses to Michael that, a long time ago, she did something he doesn’t know about. And it’s something awful. As we flash back five years earlier, Kaye and Michael first meet at one of Helen’s clinical trials at the Kiloran medical facility. As we see how they fell in love, we also discover how the virus came into being. And, finally, Kaye uncovers the secret she’s been keeping all these years.

Curfew continues at 9pm Friday on Sky One. Preview it with our gallery below:


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