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Curfew 1×06 preview

A game of cat and mouse ensues.

Curfew - 1x06
Jessye Romeo (playing Meg Donahue) and Andi Osho (playing Jenny Donahue)

On the fifth episode of Curfew, we got to spend some time with Team Awesome – Joker Jones (Billy Zane), El Capitano (Jason Thorpe) and Cheese (Guz Khan).

If you’re not up to date with Curfew and like to avoid spoilers we suggest you don’t read any further.

The episode opened up with The Queens of Stone and Team Donohue vying for position. Lou (Miranda Richardson) decided it was time to overtake Team Donohue but as she got ahead her tow truck hit a Mook. Her truck left the road and rolled into a water filled ditch while their spare car that they were towing flipped on its roof. Team Donohue spun out too leaving the occupants dazed for a moment.

Curfew - 1x05

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Phoebe Fox (playing Kaye Newman) and Aimee-Ffion Edwards (playing Ruby Newman)

A flashback to five years earlier showed Kaye (Phoebe Fox) coming to visit Ruby (Aimée-Ffion Edwards) with Michael (Malachi Kirby). Kaye wanted a favour of staying with Ruby for a couple of days. Kaye later left Michael with Ruby to go back and help her mother. She asked Ruby to find a way to make sure Michael stayed with her. This was later revealed to be the situation that led Michael to jump from Kaye to Ruby.

Back in the present, both teams survived the crash and managed to exit their vehicles. Team Donohue’s Volvo had developed an issue with its engine and needed a spare part. The Queens of Stone took a look at the dying Mook they hit and Hanmei (Thaddea Graham) filled it with bullets. Ruby thought they were firing at them so returned fire. Hanmei wanted to shoot back but Lou stopped her.

Ruby wanted to attack the other team but Jenny (Andi Osho) stopped her. Instead she suggested helping to flip their car back onto its wheels in exchange for taking parts from their ditched tow truck. Lou agreed and they soon had the car flipped the right way up. They gave Team Donohue a battery from their truck but the car had another issue. Ruby pulled a gun on Lou to try and take their car instead but Lou refused and took the gun off her.

Curfew - 1x05

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018

Team Awesome arrived and offered them a selection of meat snacks and a spliff. Before they drove off, Cheese (Guz Khan) suggested they head to a nearby farm.

Lou got back in her car with Hanmei before changing her mind and agreeing to take Ruby to the farm. She left Hanmei with Team Donohue who wanted to stand outside on guard. That was until she noticed that the Mook they hit had gone. The motion scanner picked up movement so Hanmei went to retrieve some flares from the tow truck. They also called MED VAC 239 for assistance.

Meanwhile, Lou and Ruby arrived at the farm and banged on the door until the owner appeared. He offered them the part they needed from one of his tractors which was in his barn. As they got to the barn they saw the flare in the sky from Hanmei. The farmer wasn’t happy because the flare would attract Mooks so he left them without the spare part.

Curfew - 1x05

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Miranda Richardson (playing Lou Collins) and Thaddea Graham (playing Hanmei)

Lou and Ruby tried to get into the barn but it was locked. One of the farmers daughters came out and unlocked it for them. Inside along with the tractor was their herd of cows. They chatted to the daughter as they retrieved the spare part they needed. Suddenly a Mook burst in and dragged the daughter away. They killed some other Mooks and then barricaded themselves into the barn.

Lou came up with an idea she threw a grenade to the back of the barn while Ruby opened the doors. The grenade exploded and scared the cows which all ran outside and then Lou and Ruby followed them. They got back to their car but Ruby wanted to help the farmer and his family. Lou noticed the door to their house was open and the walls inside were covered with blood. It was too late, there was nothing they could do.

Back with Team Donohue, the motion scanner picked up more movement. Something was approaching their car but it turned out to just be one of the escaped cows. Lou and Ruby soon arrived and Lou got to work on fixing their car. Hanmei and Ruby stood guard, guns drawn and then MED VAC 239 arrived on scene.

Curfew - 1x05

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Thaddea Graham (playing Hanmei)

A pack of Mooks came to attack but Hanmei, Ruby and Michael managed to shoot them all. Lou finished the repair as more Mooks were closing in. Everyone got back in their cars but the Volvo still refused to start. Ruby decided to get out and see if there was a loose connection. She fixed it and shot another Mook. As she got back in the car the Mook grabbed her leg and took a bite.

Knowing she’d been bitten, Ruby wished Team Donohue luck and got out of the car. As Team Donohue drove off, Ruby lit up the spliff from Team Awesome. As she took a couple of drags the bite took effect and she screamed as she began to change. Kaye came to her aid but there was nothing she could do but hold her.

Kovacks (Richard Riddell) and the security services turned up and threatened to kill everyone. Michael surrendered and went with Kovacks.

Curfew - 1x05

Credit: Gareth Gatrell / Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018 – Aimee-Ffion Edwards (playing Ruby Newman)

At the end of the episode, Ruby told Kaye that she’d told Michael that Kaye didn’t care about him. Lou came to take Kaye away and noticed Ruby struggling to shoot herself in the head. Lou went to help but Kaye stepped in and fired the shot to kill her sister. The race continued.

On the sixth episode of Curfew. The ambulance, the hot hatch and the Volvo all chase an impenetrable Brookeheath prison truck containing some important cargo. They head towards the depths of Manchester, a badlands city run by corrupt cops. Lou’s confident though: Manchester’s her town and she knows it inside out. When the cops work out the value of the cargo and find a way to spin the situation to their own advantage, a game of cat and mouse ensues. Will anyone make it out of the city unscathed?

Curfew continues at 9pm Friday on Sky One. Preview it with our gallery below:


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