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C2C: Country to Country 2019 – Abby Anderson BBC Radio 2 Stage live review

One of the best things about C2C: Country to Country is discovering talent that you’ve either never heard of before or that you’re not too familiar with. I had heard Abby Anderson’s name but until I saw her on the Spotlight Stage on Friday, I didn’t really know what she was all about. Once I had seen her, I was desperate to see more and I fell a little bit in love with her huge personality. Following our interview yesterday, I hung around the BBC Radio 2 Stage to see a longer set from the rising star.

The first thing that strikes you about Anderson is her personality. You can’t miss it. She’s always got a beaming smile on her face, her Texas drawl is booming and she’s quite honestly one of the most joyous people I’ve ever been in a room with. Opening her set with I’m Good, one of the feistier tracks in her catalogue so far, Anderson wasted no time in showing off her powerful voice. I haven’t heard a voice like it before and she’s completely different to every other Country artist out there right now.

Before Dancing Away My Broken Heart, Anderson told the audience she loves dancing even though she’s terrible at it. She then launched into the song and it was interesting to hear an acoustic arrangement as on the I’m Good EP it mixes in a bit of blues and soul. Shifting gears for the next three songs, Anderson sat down at her keyboard and showcased a completely different side of her talent. It’s incredible how such an energetic and boisterous person can deliver such heartfelt and gorgeous songs.

This Feeling was up first followed by the gorgeous With the Radio On, an autobiographical song about Anderson’s upbringing. Her breakout hit Make Him Wait, a song about holding on to your worth and values when you’re in a relationship, was the third and final song with Anderson playing the keys and it sounded amazing.

The tempo picked up again with Guy Like You and Good Lord before Anderson brought her set to a close with Naked Truth. The set ended strong and Anderson’s personality, as well as her incredible voice, took us on quite the ride.

Abby Anderson will be an artist C2C goers will talk about for months to come. I’m keen for her to come back and do a full band set in the future, and she’s definitely a breath of fresh air in the Country genre. The best way to describe Anderson is ‘a force of nature’ and if you get the chance, you should definitely check her out next time she’s in town.

Set list: 1. I’m Good 2. Dancing Away My Broken Heart 3. This Feeling 4. With the Radio On 5. Make Him Wait 6. Guy Like You 7. Good Lord 8. Naked Truth Performance date: 10th March 2019

Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip Ellwood-Hughes
Pip is the Editor of Entertainment Focus and the Managing Director of agency Piñata Media.

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