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Mosh Pit Simulator hitting Steam Early Access January 31st

Mosh Pit Simulator is… erm I’m not quite sure what it is even though I’ve watched the trailer a few times now! What ever it is, it looks absolutely bonkers! To try and make sense of things here’s a slightly better description from the Mosh Pit Simulator website.

“Mosh Pit Simulator is a VR game about a world that is overrun by brainless boneless humanoid creatures due to a terrible accident. They’re like zombies but less gross and pretty harmless and just want to live normal lives. So even though they don’t have brains or bones, they still try to go shopping, drive cars, or go to dates, not necessarily doing a good job at that. But there’s one person who is not OK with that. YOU! So you decide to save the world from these weird creatures. But there’s nobody else left in the world but them so you end up just getting in their way for giggles…. or do you? ”

Mosh Pit Simulator will be launching on Steam Early Access on January 31st.

Any clearer? try the trailer below:

The story puts you in a world where a mad scientist has decided that bones are a hindrance to humanity and is hellbent on removing all of the bones in the world though a special toxin. Midway through his evil plot auto correct changed bones to brains filling the world with boneless brainless people and it’s your job to destroy them!

“This game was created by accident. The development began in April 2016, when I got my hands on the Vive Development Kit. After playing some games, I decided to give it a shot and create something. I used a human model I have created back in October 2015, and since I had no AI and wanted to interact with the humans quick, I added a simple AI algorithm: if chest is below 1m, bump chest up. This is the AI that drives all the humans in the game even now. I started punching the humans around but it was no fun, so I cranked up the punch strength, albeit a bit too high and ended up producing a GIF of me punching these humans that promply went viral. When I woke up next morning I realised that this is the game I have to make now.”

You can check out some screen shots below:

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