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The Grand Tour video game is due soon on PS4 and Xbox One

The third season of The Grand Tour is due to be released on January 18th through the Amazon Prime service. This season things are going to be a bit different as there is a video game being released alongside its TV counterpart. The Grand Tour game is due to be released on January 15th so you have a few days of playing before the TV show starts. It will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

You can check out the official gameplay trailer below:

The Grand Tour game will be episodic with new content being released each week as it’s aired on screen. It includes voice acting from Clarkson, May and Hammond and hopefully will manage to maintain their trademark humour and be varied enough not to become boring. The game will mix clips from the show and then drop the player into the driving seat to complete loads of zany driving challenges and races. There will also be a 4 player, split-screen mode where you can race against your friends. This mode will include gadgets that you can deploy to either help your own race or hinder that of your opponents.

You can check out the gadgets video below:

You can pre-order now on Xbox One and PS4 at Amazon UK. Check out the official The Grand Tour game website for more information.

Watch The Grand Tour season 3 trailer below:

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