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New character NiCO announced for Dead or Alive 6

Koei Tecmo America and Team Ninja have just announced the arrival of new character NiCO for the hotly anticipated Dead or Alive 6 which is currently in development for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

NiCO, The Lightning Technomancer, practices Pencak Silat, a martial art hailing from Southeast Asia. She also uses powerful plasma discharges to enhance her attacks along with using her EFM rings to move at a crazy rate of speed. She’s a genuis scientist you see and is part of Donovan’s secret M.I.S.T project.

You can see her and the other girls in action in the video below:

Joining NiCO is Kokoro, Helena’s half sister. She is a Ba Ji Quan master and uses palm and elbow thrusts to destroy her opponents. Both powerful and graceful Kokoro’s style represents the spirit of her maiko training.

Dead or alive 6
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As part of the NiCO reveal Team Ninja also showcased two new stages: Zero, a M.I.S.T research facility and Miyabi, a quiet Japanese town surrounded by bamboo. The new DOA Central feature was also showcased where players can cusomise their characters before they enter the arena.

Dead or Alive 6 is expected to release in February 2019.

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