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Frostpunk’s free Endless Mode DLC is available now

Here at EF we love Frostpunk and the brutal environment and moral challenges it pits you against. If you’re new to the game you can check out our Frostpunk review. One thing I’d hoped for after making my way through the various scenarios was to carry on with my city trying to make it better and keeping my people alive for as long as possible. It seems I wasn’t alone in this as 11 Bit Studios have clearly been listening to their fans and have now added an endless mode as a free piece of DLC.

You can view the official trailer below:

As the name suggests Endless Mode is just that. It will be playable at two difficulties, Serenity (easy mode) or Endurance where players will be hit by random events and you will have fewer resources to work with.  Normally you are given a limited timeframe to complete objectives, in endless mode you are given unlimited time to make the best city you can. There are 4 different maps to chose from and players can choose between two styles of play without the fear of a story ending disaster looming in the near future. These game-ending mega storms are represented by a reset of the world map from time to time blocking off previous sites but also opening up new places to visit and scout.

11 Bit have also fleshed out the lore of Frostpunk giving players the chance to find relics out in the world. Once found they will flesh out the story and can be stored in the new museum building. Strangely and in a step away from the harshness of the game there is the addition of decorative items to add to your city. Endless mode is available now.

Frostpunk is available on Steam, Humble and GOG and at the time of writing there is a 33% discount.

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