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Two Point Hospital announces new sandbox mode

Two Point Hospital (TPH) has been out since August and already the community has cured over 1 billion patients! You can read our review of  TPH here.

It has just been announced that from next week TPH will launch a free-play sandbox mode allowing you to tweak every aspect of the game. This is the first of several planned sandbox updates and the studio is looking to the community in order to shape the game’s future.

You can check out the new trailer below:

Also for a limited time ‘Spooky mode’ is being introduced during the Halloween season and features a spooky soundtrack, cases of Frightheadidness and more.

It’s great to see a studio working with its community to take the game from strength to strength.

TPH is available from Steam and SEGA approved retailers.

For everything Two Point Hospital check out the official page and sign up for the newsletter to unlock the prestigious Golden toilet in-game item!

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