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Secret Cinema: Romeo + Juliet to host Love Gathering to celebrate National Kissing Day

Secret Cinema presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet is bringing some love to London on Friday 22nd June to celebrate National Kissing Day.

Secret Cinema will host a ‘Love Gathering’ to celebrate both National Kissing Day and an additional 15,000 tickets going on sale for its next unmissable production – Secret Cinema presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet. Both spectacular events happen tomorrow.

What’s a Love Gathering I hear you ask? Well the Love Gathering is a FREE lunchtime event in London hosted by the charismatic and charming Mercutio, and will take place from 12:00 – 13:45 on Friday 22nd June at Bankside, SE1 9TG, near to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (which is a nice touch).

By attending this very special event, there will even be an opportunity to win free tickets to Secret Cinema presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, which is certainly worth a punt. Expect surprises, some key songs from the film and selfies as Secret Cinema attempts to unite the houses of Montague and Capulet just like in the movie.

The film, of course, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in a tale of lost love, with a stunning visual style from genius director Baz Luhrmann.

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Tickets for the newly announced dates, 23rd-25th August, will go on sale on Friday 22nd June 2018 at 12pm (BST) too, with prices starting at £49. Be quick because Secret Cinema always experience a massive upsurge in ticket sales and you won’t want to miss out.

Secret Cinema presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet follows a long list of other ambitious and grand-scale productions put on by the company to celebrate the best film has to offer. Carefully picking some of the most beloved cinema classics, Secret Cinema always puts on a production that will amaze and delight audiences.

Their most ambitious project to date was their stunning recreation of Back to the Future in Stratford. The show sold out an extended run as fans were treated to live action drama that ran at the same time as key moments of the film played out on a big screen set up to look like the iconic clock tower from the film.

You can check out our full review of Secret Cinema: Back to the Future to get a sense of the production.

Secret Cinema: Romeo + Juliet
Credit: Secret Cinema

Star Wars was also recently honoured by the folks at Secret Cinema as they put on a series of productions for The Empire Strikes Back. Easily the best of the Star Wars movies, the show included a full size X-Wing Fighter suspended in mid-air and a world of Star Wars characters to interact with.

Have a look at our full review of Secret Cinema: The Empire Strikes Back for more on that show.

Most recently they have done big-scale productions of the original Blade Runner and Baz Luhrmann’s other classic Moulin Rouge, along with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dirty Dancing and Alien.

Be sure to check out Secret Cinema presents: William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet when it opens for one of the best summer film events of the year.

Tickets are available at with prices starting at £49 plus booking fees, with a few different ticket options available for fans to pick.

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