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Arrow season 7: 10 things we want to see

Season 6 of Arrow ended with a game-changing finale that should significantly shake things up when the show returns for season 7 later this year.

If you haven’t seen the season 6 finale and want to avoid spoilers, we suggest you stop reading now. Keep reading if you want to know our thoughts on the next season.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) agreed to admit he was Green Arrow and that he would go to prison for his crimes if Samanda Watson (Sydelle Noel) helped him to take down Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo). He negotiated immunity for his friends and his family but he didn’t tell any of them what he had planned. Oliver’s final battle with Diaz was interrupted by Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) who used her sonic scream to throw Diaz off a rooftop and into the river. That leaves a big question mark as to whether or not Diaz is dead.

The season finale planted the seed for the Longbow Hunters to surface in season 7, the criminal gang that Diaz founded in the comic books. It remains to be seen how that will take shape and what, if any, part Diaz will play in it.

Arrow 6x23 Life Sentence
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Elsewhere in the season finale Team Arrow faced tragedy after Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) was stabbed by Diaz and died during surgery. That incident brought Sara (Caity Lotz) back to Star City and affected Black Siren, finally showing her more human side after a season that saw her flitting between good and evil.

Before he was arrested, Oliver made amends with the various members of the fractured Team Arrow and apologised for the way he had treated them. That brought the team back together and set them up to fight the good fight without Oliver in season 7.

With Arrow set to return later this year, find out all the official news about the new season, I’ve had a think about the 10 things I’d like to see when it returns…

1. Oliver to serve some serious time in prison. I don’t want him to miraculously get out of prison after only a handful of episodes. This is one scenario that needs to play out and I can foresee that perhaps Oliver will act as an inside informant for the authorities to negotiate a deal that gets him out. This story arc should give Oliver time to reflect on some of the decisions he’s made and it will also likely make him a target for the many people he’s sent to prison over the last six seasons.

2. An interesting return for Roy (Colton Haynes). We already know Roy will be back as a series regular character for season 7 but the writers will have a tricky way of achieving that given he had a happy ending with Thea (Willa Holland) during season 6. Thea definitely isn’t coming back so why would Roy leave her? Perhaps he comes back to Star City because Thea has been kidnapped or disappeared?

3. The end of in-fighting with Team Arrow. The storyline has been done and it wasn’t very popular with fans. With Diggle (David Ramsey) back as the Green Arrow and the team together again, it’s time to put that behind them and unite them moving forward. I actually like the extended Team Arrow with Curtis (Echo Kellum), Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) and Rene (Rick Gonzalez) all having seriously grown on me.

Arrow 6x15
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4. A continuation of darker themes. With the arrival of the Longbow Hunters, it looks like Arrow is staying dark for season 7 and I’m good with that. Arrow has always been the edgiest of The CW DC shows and it works best when it’s gritty, violent and shocking.

5. Black Siren to stay independent of Team Arrow. I understand that Quentin did a lot to humanise Black Siren aka replacement Laurel during season 6 but I would find it hard to believe she could be welcomed into Team Arrow with open arms. She’s done some heinous things but she also is likely out to avenge Quentin’s death. I just hope the writers don’t force her into the role of original Laurel and expect us to swallow it.

6. Character progression for Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). Now that Oliver is in prison, Felicity is essentially a single mum to William (Jack Moore). She’s going to have a tough time juggling her parental responsibilities with her Team Arrow work and her own business with Curtis. Also does anyone else think William should meet Rene’s daughter?

7. Diggle embracing his role as leader of Team Arrow. Hell knows he wanted it during season 6 and he had a disastrous temporary run. He’s now in a better place with his tremors under control so there’s no reason why Diggle can’t become the fearless and kickass leader he’s been desperate to be.

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8. Even more integration with the other Arrowverse shows. I like it when characters from The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cross over into the show. It’s often more interesting when it’s one of the supporting characters so I hope the writers get creative and throw us a few surprises.

9. Plenty of jaw-dropping action. Something Arrow has always done better than its associated series is action sequences. Season 6 saw a return to form on that front and I hope season 7 brings us plenty more set pieces.

10. It not to be the final season. There are lots of murmurs that Arrow could end with its seventh season. I hope that’s not going to be the case. Sure it’s had a rocky run in recent seasons but season 7 was a return to form I thought. I don’t see how The CW’s Arrowverse can continue without its parent show.

Arrow returns for season 7 on The CW in the US and Sky 1 HD in the UK this autumn.

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