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Lake Ridden launches on PC

Swedish developer Midnight Hub has announced that Lake Ridden is now available on Windows PC via Steam, GOG.com and Humble Store. This story-driven adventure blends exploration and environmental puzzle-solving as you seek to uncover the truth behind your sister’s disappearance.

The warm summer is giving way to the first signs of autumn. You are Marie, a 13-year-old girl who, reluctantly, decides to join her younger sister and her friends for one last camping weekend in the wilderness.

Watch the Lake Ridden release trailer below:

[brid video=”224838″ player=”531″ title=”Lake Ridden Release Trailer”]


What begins as the perfect way to say goodbye to the summer quickly takes an unexpected turn after an argument with your sister ends with her running off into the forest. While searching for her, you stumble upon an old forgotten estate…

Through narrative-driven, first-person gameplay, you must find clues, solve puzzles, discover secrets and interact with mysterious residents in order to find your sister and escape Lake Ridden.

EF Games will be bringing you a Lake Ridden review later in the month. Check out the official Midnight Hub website for more information.

View some Lake Ridden screenshots in our gallery:

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