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The X Factor 2017 week 3 top 3 performances part 2

George Michael week continued tonight with the boys and girls. Last night the overs and groups went head to head and performed some of George Michael’s greatest hits. The judges and mentors, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne, Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh were their to support their contestants. Tonight also included a live performance from former X Factor winners, Little Mix.

If you want to know who in my opinion should stay in the competition keep reading.

3. Grace Davies – I Can’t Make You Love Me

Grace started by singing acapella, which can’t have been easy but the young singer is nothing but brave. Her vocals were on point and she sang beautifully.

What the judges said: Louis loved the acapella start and said that she was amazing. Nicole thought it was a great performance and Simon said that he loved the arrangement and that she came back with a real shot at staying in the competition. Mentor, Sharon thought she showed that she has tremendous talent and pulled herself together even though she did not have the easiest week.

2. Rai-Elle Williams – They Won’t Go When I Go

Rai-Elle is on top form every week! The young singer looks like she wants to win more than anyone else on the competition and this week she also proved that she was a real contender on the show. Her vocals were spot on and it was refreshing to see her sing a ballad after her last two performances.

What the judges said: Louis said that he loved the song and Nicole said that she was young but very courageous. Simon added that he could tell she was serious about the competition and that she performed the best tonight.

 1. Lloyd Macey – A Different Corner

Lloyd seems to get better and better every week and I really never think he can top himself but he always does. This week’s song choice was perfect and his rendition of George Michael’s ballad was mesmerising. I was captivated and had the chills for the first time this season and for that is the reason he was my number one performance on tonight’s show.

What the judges said: A tearful, Sharon said that his performance reminded him of George Michael and made him miss him. Simon added that he thought that this was the best performance he did on a live show and although the song was hard he sang it beautifully.

The X Factor 2017 will continue next weekend on ITV.  

Sarah Bargiela
Sarah Bargiela
Sarah aka Bargi is the Assistant Editor and Music Editor for Entertainment Focus (EF).

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