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The X Factor 2017 week 1 top 5 performances

The X Factor 2017 week 1 top 5 performances
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The search for this year’s X Factor winner continued tonight and it was the start of the live shows. This means the power now lies with the public, who can vote for its favourite performers.

Last night the girls battled against the boys as they sang to remain in the competition. The night also included a performance from One Direction singer, Liam Payne.

I was watching last night and here are my top five performances:

5. Rai-Elle Williams – Doo Wop and No by Lauren Hill and Meghan Trainor

Rai-Elle had the hard task of opening this year’s live shows but she did not flinch. The young singer was great live, she looked confident and her dancing was very fresh. Vocally Rai-Elle wasn’t the best of the night but her performance was the most entertaining of the night.

What the judges said: Louis said he couldn’t believe she was 16 and that she was a great performer. Nicole was impressed with her show opener and loved the song mash-up.

4. Leon Mallett (wildcard) – Stay by Zedd

Leon Mallett is the only wildcard contestant to make it onto this top 5 and the reason being is that his performance was very good. I thought his song choice was great and suited his voice. Leon looked very confident on stage and delivered a great show.

What the judges said: Sharon said that the performance was very confident whilst Nicole added that he was where he was supposed to be (on stage) and that she wanted to see him on the show next week. Mentor, Louis thought that the song was a good choice for him as it showed his skills in singing and rapping.

3. Lloyd Macey – City of Stars from La La Land

I must confess I hold a sore spot for Lloyd, who seems like such a nice guy. A nice guy that also can sing, the Welsh singer boasts one of the biggest vocal ranges on this year’s show and his classical style feels quite refreshing. His performance of the blockbuster La La Land song was heartbreaking and one of the highlights of the evening.

What the judges said: Sharon thought it was a great song choice and Nicole agreed that his voice was like plastic and that he can sing effortlessly and that he did a beautiful job. Mentor Louis thought it was the performance of the night.

2. Holy Tandy – Hollow by Tori Kelly

Tori performed one of my favourite performances of the night. The performance was solid, Tori hit all the notes and looked comfortable on stage. The set and dancers only complimented her singing and her stage presence. This was all the more impressive considering that Holly is the youngest contestant on the show.

What the judges said: Louis thought she looked like a pop star. Nicole thought that the young singer was performing beyond her age and added that she was excited for her to be here. Mentor Sharon echoed Louis’ praise by saying that she not only looked like a pop star but also sounded like one.

1. Grace Davies – Too Young

Grace Davies decided to be brave and performed one of her orginal songs. Lucky for Grace, this paid off as the young singer is also an incredibly talented writer. Her performance was very low key maybe a little cheesy at times but vocally it was sensational. She was by far the best singer of the night.

What the judges said: Louis said that this was the start of her career and that he loved her style and her voice. Nicole said that it was an amazing song but that it wasn’t her favourite performance of hers. Mentor Sharon said that she was a brilliant song writer and that she made her fall in love with all her songs.

Tonight the Overs and Groups will sing to stay in the competition.

The X Factor 2017 continues at 7pm on ITV.