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Titanfall: Assault drops onto iOS and Android

Nexon, Respawn Entertainment and Particle City have released Titanfall: Assault, a new mobile RTS with fast-paced action and intense PvP battles. Set in the extended universe of the Titanfall franchise, players will build and use a deck of virtual cards to deploy agile Pilots, towering Titans and tactical Burn Cards in synchronous multiplayer battles.

As Commanders, players can create the ultimate squad of Pilots, Titans and Burn Cards to suit their preferred playing style. Pilots will use their fluid movement on the battlefield to navigate, take on grunts and control key locations on the map. Titans will hold the lanes, provide invaluable defense and show their true power when taking on turrets. Burn Cards will add the necessary battlefield support to tip the scales of combat when they are needed most. To win the battle on the Frontier, players must hone and adapt their strategies across a variety of maps which feature familiar locales and unique environmental elements for players to use to their advantage. Titanfall’s battle-tested gameplay mode, Hardpoint Domination, will have competitors vying for control of the map or going for all the glory by defeating the enemy base in order to win big rewards and climb the leaderboards.

Watch the Titanfall: Assault launch trailer below:

[brid video=”157764″ player=”531″ title=”Titanfall Assault World Wide Launch!”]


Between battles, players can enter the Hangar to view cards, edit and experiment with new squads and upgrade their Titans, Pilots and Burn Cards. Through the Guild, players can work together to achieve weekly Guild objectives, share replays and challenge guild mates to friendly matches to create battle ready squads and perfect their strategies together.

Vince Zampella, CEO and co-founder of Respawn Entertainment said:

[blockquote]When we set out to create Titanfall we wanted as many gamers as possible to have a chance to explore and experience this deep, action-packed universe. Today, we’re one step closer to that vision with the launch of Titanfall: Assault which brings a fast, fun and strategic head-to-head multiplayer experience to the millions of mobile gamers worldwide.[/blockquote]

View some Titanfall: Assault screens in our gallery:

Titanfall 2 was one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2016 winning 12 “Game of the Year” awards and included in 55 “Best of 2016” lists. Titanfall was the most-awarded game of E3 2013, earning more than 100 nominations and 60-plus wins, including a record-breaking six E3 Critics Awards. Titanfall was the third highest-rated Xbox One game of released in 2014 and Titanfall 2 was the sixth highest-rated PlayStation 4 game released in 2016, according to video game review score aggregator, Metacritic.

Titanfall: Assault is available now as free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. Check out the official Titanfall: Assault website for more information.

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Greg Ellwood
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