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Ex On The Beach season 7 episode 6 preview

This week’s new arrival is Sydney, Jordan’s ex. The 20-year-old administrator from Essex has been on and off with co-star Jordan since March and even spent Christmas with his family but it seems they never managed to make it official! So will Sydney’s arrival change Jordan’s attitude in the villa? If you don’t want to read any spoilers look away now or continue reading for a snippet of tonight’s episode.

Marty may be happy to see Sydney but the opposite can be said when she is reunited with Jordan…

Marty: You look like you’ve got something to say…
Sydney: You are a f*cking p**ck [Jordan]
Jordan: Oh that’s not a good reaction.
Jordan (to camera): F*ck me it’s my ex and she is fuming.
Sydney (to camera): I’m here to f*ck sh*t up for him, he’s having no more fun. He’s not chirpsing any more birds, that is it.
Jordan: She’s a rocket isn’t she.
Sydney: Don’t f*cking waste your time, talking to that waste of breath [Jordan]
Jordan: Why you so angry?
Sydney: You f*cking pick me up and drop me as and when you choose.
Jordan: You’re not explaining why…
Marty: I’m not gonna lie, he’s been trying to crack on with every single bird in there.
Sydney: And that does not f*cking surprise me.
Jordan (to camera): Surprise surprise, Marty is jumping on her bandwagon. Kid you’re boring, sit down mate.
Sydney: [Jordan] Wipe that smirk off your f*cking face.
Marty (to camera): I am so glad this Sydney bird has walked in. It’s my favourite city in the world and I guarantee she’s going to be my favourite girl because we both can’t stand Jordan!
Marty: [Sydney] You can do better than him.

Here’s a video of the cast member’s most likely to…:

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Sarah Bargiela
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