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Elementary 5×24 Hurt Me, Hurt You season finale preview

On the latest episode of Elementary, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) investigated the SBK gang after the murder of their friend.

The start of the episode confirmed, what we feared at the end of last episode, that Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) had been murdered. His body was taken away and Sherlock declared that the crime scene was void of clues.

They were sure that the SBK gang would be the ones responsible but with over 200 members it would be incredibly difficult to prove anything. Watson was determined to get justice for Shinwell and to finish his work.

They met with an officer from the gang unit who Shinwell was reporting to. Watson announced that she wanted to go for the head of SBK which would destroy the gang. The man thought to be in charge of SBK was known as Bonzi. He rarely left his home without his bodyguards and no one knew how he communicated with the gang members.

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Sherlock agreed that they would go to war with SBK. First he decided he needed to attend a recovering addicts meeting. There he took the opportunity to talk about Shinwell’s death. It appeared that it affected him far more that he thought it might. Afterwards he spoke to one of the female attendees of another case. He explained he thought a man had got away with murder.

Meanwhile, Watson and Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill) followed Sherlock’s suggestion and went to inteview the brother of Bonzi. He is a businessman who avoided the life of crime followed by his brother. He explained that he hadn’t seen Bonzi for over two years and that the only way he keeps in contact is from a distance thanks to social media.

The NYPD were surprised to get a call from Bonzi saying he might have some information about Shinwell’s death. Watson, Sherlock and Bell went to see Bonzi at his home. There he accused a member of SBK of killing Shinwell. Watson didn’t believe him and when challenged he asked them to leave.

The police brought in the accused member but he refused to talk as he didn’t want to be known as a snitch and obviously feared for his safety. He also viewed SBK as family as they took him in when he was younger.

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Watson sat up all night trying to work out how Bonzi communicated with the SBK gang members. When Sherlock awoke she told him her theory. On his social media profile, Bonzi appeared to post random stories. What she noticed was that the filenames of the images he posted were unusual. She felt that they might be some kind of encrypted code.

Sherlock remembered seeing an Enigma machine in Bonzi’s home. Somehow he managed to track one down and they hoped to use it to crack the code. What they needed was the settings used to encrypt the messages. Watson worked out that the blinds in Bonzi’s building were changed each day and they used them to configure the machine. This allowed them to read the messages which were deliberately cryptic.

They read one of the latest messages which talked about a meet and oranges. Watson proposed that this was code for cocaine. The police raided the meet and found nothing but SBK members and a bag of actual oranges. Bonzi then closed his social media account.

The went to see Bonzi again and when they got there he was being taken out for an apparent drugs overdose. Sherlock deduced that it must be Bonzi’s brother who was behind everything. In hospital, Bonzi was left in a coma and unlikely to recover. His brother denied being involved but still made a threat of sorts against Sherlock and Watson.

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Elsewhere in the episode, the woman from Sherlock’s meeting turned up to see him at the NYPD. Sherlock appeared unusually cross that she came to see him. He did tell her more about the case he mentioned before asking her to leave.

At the end of the episode, Sherlock met again with the woman from his meeting. She had got involved with the case he was telling her about and sent a fake text message in his name. Also it was revealed that Sherlock and the woman appear to be in some kind of secret relationship. Hopefully more is revealed in the season finale.

The season finale is Hurt Me, Hurt You. Holmes and Watson pursue an elusive criminal as a gang war erupts in New York City. While the NYPD works to contain the violence, the two investigate the murder that appears to have ignited the city-wide conflict

Watch the Elementary 5×24 – Hurt Me, Hurt You trailer below:

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