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The Catch 2×09 The Cleaner preview

Alice (Mireille Enos) interfered in Ethan’s (Warren Christie) relationship on the latest episode of The Catch.

After being introduced to Ethan’s fiancee Gretchen (Maria Thayer), Alice was bothered by the fact the woman looked exactly like her. Gretchen asked for help looking into a potential investor for her company and when Tessa (Philippa Coulthard) found that the guy was dodgy, Ethan offered to give over $2 million to Gretchen to help her.

Alice suspected that Ethan was being played so she told him so, which resulted in Gretchen confronting her. Tessa noticed that the clothes Gretchen had claimed to have designed were knock-offs from other designers and traced things back to the man who Gretchen had claimed was her potential business partner.

Calling Ethan again, Alice took him to the house that Gretchen lived in with her ‘business partner’, who was actually her husband. Following the revelation Ethan took on AVI on an exclusive retainer upsetting Ben (Peter Krause) in the process and forcing an unfriendly conversation between the two men.

Meanwhile Margot (Sonya Walger) enlisted Felicity (Shivani Ghai) to help her steal an expensive bottle of Scotch so she could win some new business. After meeting with the Matthew Keegan (Brennan Elliott) to give him the Scotch in exchange for his business, Margot realised that Felicity had double-crossed her. She accused Rhys (John Simm) of plotting the whole thing but he was surprised to learn that Felicity was alive.

Elsewhere Agent Diaz (Gina Torres) found out the true story behind her husband’s disappearance and had the FBI arrest him with Ben and Rhys’ help, Troy (Nolan Gerard Funk) was allowed to leave Rhys and Ben’s house following the arrest, and Sophie (Elvy Yost) caught Danny (Jay Hayden) getting passionate with Margot in the lift.

The next episode of the season is The Cleaner. The AVI team discover their working relationship with Margot isn’t as clean as they’d like, while Alice receives a life-altering confession.

Tune in to Sky Living HD at 10pm on Tuesday to see the episode. Preview it the promo below:

[brid video=”139765″ player=”531″ title=”The Catch 2×09 Promo “The Cleaner” (HD) Season 2 Episode 9 Promo”]

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