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Pretty Little Liars 7×13 Hold Your Piece recap

An unexpected death made for a surprisingly emotional episode of Pretty Little Liars this week.

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars and you want to avoid spoilers, we suggest you stop reading now. If you have seen it and want to relive all of the action then keep reading.

Every breath you take

Toby (Keegan Allen) was elated when Yvonne (Kara Royster) awoke from her coma and seemed to be on the road to recovery. Able to move her arms and hands and regaining her speech, Yvonne didn’t hesitate to agree when Toby asked her to marry him there and then. The love birds exchanged their vows but tragedy struck when Yvonne quietly passed away while the two were discussing their future.

A heartbroken Toby was found wandering the hospital halls by Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and as he fell to his knees, his former lover held him tightly.

Pretty Little Liars 7x13
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Fashion faux pas

Hanna (Ashley Benson) made the headlines but for all the wrong reasons this week when the dress she gave to the Senator’s daughter for a red carpet event was claimed to be a rip-off. A blogger quoted an anonymous source as saying that Hanna had copied the dress from her former employer, causing problems for a meeting with investors that Lucas (Brendan Robinson) had planned.

The stumbling block also served as A.D.’s way of letting Hanna know that it was her turn to play the game. After taking the phone from Spencer while it was playing a crying baby on loop, the game selected Hanna to take the next turn. Her first instruction was to open a loud knock of her door, which Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) answered and found a creepy mannequin with Hanna’s face sown on it.

That discovery led Hanna to come clean to Caleb about A.D.’s latest game. The mannequin told them to look in the appendix for the next piece of the puzzle and it took Hanna a while to realise it actually meant the appendix of the mannequin. While Caleb tried to figure out something about A.D. by investigating the game, Hanna cut open the mannequin and waded through blood to find a dress with an instruction telling her to wear it. The only problem was the Japanese style dress would clearly offend the investors at her meeting and likely cost her the future of her business.

Hanna put on the dress and made her way to the meeting but was stopped short of getting in the lift when a text from Spencer told her that Caleb had been rushed into hospital. While investigating the game, and making peace with Spencer, Caleb tried to prise a piece off the board and released a toxic gas that rendered him unconscious. Lucas promised to take care of the meeting so Hanna could go to Caleb’s beside. At the hospital Caleb was in recovery and Hanna learned from A.D. that she had failed her turn and wouldn’t be getting the reward.

Hanna’s failure resulted in a finger being delivered to Detective Fury (Nicholas Gonzalez).

Stalking Sydney

Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria (Lucy Hale) joined forces to track down Sydney Driscoll (Chloe Bridges) in the hope of finding Jenna (Tammin Sursok). Following a quick lesson from Caleb on the art of spying, Aria used Emily to approach Sydney and clone her phone. During a conversation with Sydney, Emily was told that she was trying to distance herself from Jenna but that proved not to be true.

With access to her phone, the ladies discovered that Sydney had an appointment with an eye clinic and they listened in to the meeting. Turns out Sydney was paying for an operation to give Jenna her sight back and she uttered the letters ‘A.D.’ as the donor for the cost. As Sydney left the clinic Aria and Emily confronted her, with Aria getting pretty aggressive. Sydney still claimed to not know where Jenna was so Aria slipped a tracker in her bag.

Pretty Little Liars 7x13
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Tonsil tennis

Spencer received a welcome distraction courtesy of Detective Fury this week. He took her to the children’s centre he used to go to and they played a few games of table tennis. That quickly turned into tonsil tennis when Fury opened up about his addict mother and redressed Spencer’s bleeding shoulder wound. Could Fury put a spanner in the works for Toby and Spencer’s inevitable reunion?

Ignorance is bliss

Aria saw part of a TV interview with Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) talking about how ‘love’ had helped her through her traumatic experience. Still unsure where her relationship with Ezra (Ian Harding) was going, Aria became frustrated when he didn’t return her calls and Sabrina (Lulu Brud) quit the coffee shop. Returning to Ezra’s apartment, Aria made another call to her fiancé and was given quite the shock when a figure rose up from the sofa in the dark. Armed with a knife, Aria confronted the shadowy figure and discovered that it was Nicole.

Pretty Little Liars continues at 8/7c Tuesday on Freeform in the US and Wednesday on Netflix in the UK. Preview the next episode Power Play below:

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