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Secrets and Lies 2×08 The Racket preview

Eric (Michael Ealy) uncovered a lot more about his sister-in-law Melanie (AnnaLynne McCord) than he expected on the latest episode of Secrets and Lies.

He confronted her about wiping the security footage from the night of Kate’s (Jordana Brewster) death, after she was questioned by the police. Melanie admitted to wiping it but wouldn’t give any more information as to her reasons.

With the knowledge that Melanie and Patrick (Charlie Barnett) had leveraged money against the company, Eric spoke with his brother and found out he took the money to buy property in what turned out to be a bad deal. Danny (Kenny Johnson) accompanied Eric to find his daughter and saw that the house was used as a base for a brothel.

He didn’t find his daughter but Danny did get the ID of a police officer who was using the brothel, giving him leverage. Neil (Eric Winter) slipped up by telling Eric that Melanie ran the brothel at the property.

Elsewhere in the episode Eric became suspicious of his father John (Terry O’Quinn) after finding a secret phone in his desk. The phone was being called by a cancer ward leading Eric to believe his father may be hiding an illness. Cornell (Juliette Lewis) put her family first when her daughter relapsed and went missing.

Also Eric found out that Neil was in love with Amanda (Mekia Cox) and that the two had been having an affair.

The next episode of the season is The Racket. Eric is forced to take drastic action to stop the demise of SEG and his family. Detective Cornell inches closer to finding Kate’s killer.

Tune in to W at 9pm on Tuesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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