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Thomas Rhett – Tangled Up Deluxe Edition album review

Credit: Big Machine
Credit: Big Machine

Thomas Rhett originally released his second album Tangled Up in 2015. Since its release the album has spawned 3 consecutive number one singles in the US – Crash and Burn, Die a Happy Man and T-Shirt – and is nearing half a million copies sold. Die a Happy Man has been a monster hit for Rhett selling well over 2 million copies in the US alone. Ahead of the Christmas season and to coincide with his UK tour, Rhett has released a Deluxe Edition of Tangled Up.

The original track listing from Tangled Up is present with all 13 songs in the same order as the first release. As I said at the time of its UK release earlier this year, Tangled Up sees Rhett fusing different musical genres taking him outside of the standard confines of Country music. At its heart the album is still a Country record but there are elements of funk, soul and R&B present here too. The album aims to offer something for everyone and it succeeds with no two tracks sounding the same.

The new edition of Tangled Up features an additional 5 tracks. Tori Kelly appears on a remix of Die a Happy Man, which adds a heavier beat giving it more of an urban flavour, and The Voice US star Danielle Bradbury adds her Country tones to Playing With Fire, which originally featured American Idol star Jordin Sparks. Both add new twists to familiar songs but it’s the three new original tracks that are what will really draw fans in for this Deluxe Edition.

Star of the Show, which is Rhett’s newest single, attempts to recapture the magic of Die a Happy Man albeit with a more uptempo feel. Anyone who has followed Rhett over the course of his career so far, knows that he really loves his wife and he loves to sing about her. The song is sweet, catchy and fits neatly onto Tangled Up. American Spirit has a slightly folkier feel and is particularly poignant with the US currently in the midst of the messiest presidential election the world has ever seen.

The best of the three new original tracks is Background Music, which opens with subtle horns and stuttering beats. The song is a perfect crossover moment that incorporates pop elements into Rhett’s Country sound. The song would likely give him a big hit should he choose to release it as a single in the future.

Tangled Up was already an incredible album but with an additional five tracks it’s now even better. The new songs feel like extensions of the album so it makes sense that a Deluxe Edition has arrived rather than Rhett bank these for his next project. Tangled Up Deluxe Editions reminds you why Rhett is a force to be reckoned with in Country music and further solidifies his position as one of the brightest artists in the genre.

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Track Listing: 1. Anthem 2. Crash and Burn 3. South Side 4. Die a Happy Man 5. Vacation 6. Like It’s The Last Time 7. T-Shirt 8. Single Girl 9. The Day You Stop Lookin’ Back 10. Tangled 11. Playing With Fire (featuring Jordin Sparks) 12. I Feel Good (featuring LunchMoney Lewis) 13. Learned It From The Radio 14. Star of The Show 15. American Spirit 16. Background Music 17. Playing With Fire (featuring Danielle Bradbury) 18. Die a Happy Man (featuring Tori Kelly) Record Company: Big Machine Release Date: 28th October 2016

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