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Secrets and Lies 2×03 The Liar preview

Eric Warner’s (Michael Ealy) life continued to fall to pieces on the latest episode of Secrets and Lies.

Thanks to Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis), his time in juvenile detention for murder was made public knowledge and Eric decided the best way to tackle it was to openly talk about the incident at work. He told his colleagues that he was being bullied by another boy at school and a single punch accidentally ended the bully’s life.

With his past now public knowledge, Eric continued his efforts to find out what Kate (Jordana Brewster) had been hiding from him. With Amanda’s (Mekia Cox) help, Eric found out that Kate had taken money from his savings to pay off a blackmailer. The revelation that Eric knew about the blackmail attempt resulted in Amanda refusing to represent her brother any longer.

Elsewhere John (Terry O’Quinn) hired a private detective to look into Kate’s secret child and discovered that she had a child when she was 16. Neil (Eric Winter) was attacked by a mystery man (Kenny Johnson) and claimed he didn’t know who the attacker was when Eric interrupted them. At the end of the episode Eric went to find Kate’s missing assistant only to find Neil’s attacker in his apartment.

The next episode of the season is The Liar. Eric attempts to track down Kate’s missing assistant, Liam, only to find out that he is not at all who he said he was.

Tune in to W at 10pm Tuesday to see the episode. Preview it with our gallery below:

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Pip Ellwood-Hughes
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