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Emmerdale Spoilers: Belle’s fake pregnancy is revealed

Welcome to our look ahead to what’s happening in Emmerdale this week.  Belle’s secret is out, Robert has a plan and it looks like there could be secret sisters in the village.

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Belle’s fake pregnancy is revealed

As her first scan date arrives, Belle is distraught.  Charity shows her a scan of Noah to reassure her that Bailey won’t be able to tell that the baby is smaller than it should be, still believing that Belle is now pregnant.  Belle regrets not faking a miscarriage when she had the chance and with Ellie egging her on, she stands on the top of the steps ready to jump…

Back in The Woolpack, Bailey is meeting with Angie to discuss their split and how they are divvying up their assets.  Belle shows up and shows him a picture of her scan, lying that her scan time was brought forward so she went on her own.  In the toilets, Angie is shocked to overhear Belle talking to Ellie about the fake pregnancy.

Angie has a decision to make and decides it’s best to tell the Dingles and Bailey what she heard in the toilet (as Ellie tells Belle to make a run for it!).  Bailey sees the scan is Noah’s and they all realise that Belle is ill again, but she’s nowhere to be found so they frantically search for her.

As the search continues, the Dingle clan turn on Bailey and blame him for not noticing she was ill again;  he was a doctor after all!  Charity decides to let him stay with her at the pub and pretends to Cain that she knew nothing about Belle and the fake pregnancy.

Are Vanessa and Tracy sisters?

Tracy Shankley, Emmerdale
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David is about to propose again but is interrupted by Tracy’s phone ringing and it’s bad news; her dad is in hospital after a prison fight.  She’s not the only one whose dad is in hospital as Vanessa goes to see Frank.  He’s delighted when he wakes to find her by his bedside and thinks he’s won her over until he mentions a holiday they never had.  Suddenly he falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Tracy has accompanied David to chemo and he urges her to go and see her dad and she reluctantly agrees.  As she arrives on his ward she just misses Vanessa telling the doctor she no longer wants to be contacted about Frank.  Tracy is distressed to hear he’s in a coma and curious to hear she’s the second young lady to visit him.

Later, she realises that she’s scared to see her dad hurt and decides to go back to the hospital.  She rummages in his cupboards and is surprised to find a picture of him with a small blonde girl.  When will she realise who the mystery girl is?

Robert plots to save Andy

Robert Sugden, Emmerdale
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Lachlan and Liv find a common interest in berating their rubbish fathers.  Chrissie hints to Rakesh that things will get messy if he doesn’t tell her the truth.

Robert gets Aaron’s support on his plan to clear Andy’s name and they plot how to get to Chirssie through Lachlan.  Liv unwittingly helps when she tells them Lachlan’s been texting his dad and is warned off him by Aaron.  It seems that Liv isn’t listening and her and Lachlan form a secret friendship.  As the pair spend time together, Lachlan is stunned to get a text back from his dad and Liv encourages him to reply.

Robert breaks into Home Farm and steals a photo of Lachlan with his father, the same picture that Lachlan then receives as a text message from his dad….


Charity & Cain Dingle, Emmerdale
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Moira confides in James that she needs the divorce to make things final otherwise she fears she might take him back.  Cain is upset to see them together and takes Charity up on her offer to do a dodgy job;  just like the good old days!  Chas overhears them talking and asks Moira to talk to Cain and stop this before it begins.  She reluctantly agrees but is she giving Cain false hope and will Charity find a way to get Cain to help her anyway?

Carly suggests to an unhappy April and Marlon that she shouldn’t look after April so much as she does.  April manages to trick Pearl into a cupboard before locking her in and going to ask Carly why she doesn’t like her any more.  Carly goes on a night out with Vanessa to get over Marlon and ends up flirting with Pete and agrees to a date with him only to cancel when she hears about Belle.  She goes to help him look for Belle and has to rescue him when he falls.  Whilst looking after him, she confesses she wanted to be more than just friends.

Lawrence is angry to learn that Ronnie is backing out of Chrissie’s adventure park job and wants to know why.


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