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Emmerdale Spoilers: Chrissie blackmails Rakesh

Welcome to our regular look ahead to what’s happening in Emmerdale and this week Chrissie is doing more manipulating, Zak and Joanie face wedding day dramas and David re-proposes.

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Chrissie blackmails Rakesh

Chrissie starts the week urging Lachy to go see Lawrence in hospital and make up with him.  He is worried about Lawrence coming home and wants to go to adventure camp for summer.  Chrissie is startled to learn that Lachlan has gone to visit Andy and nearly blows the truth.

Andy calls Rakesh and tells him that he’s sure Lachy knows something.  Rakesh piles the guilt on Lachlan in the hope he’ll spill the beans but Chrissie interrupts and he naively tells her about his suspicions and she insists on talking to Andy.  At the prison, she plays the doting girlfriend and tries to convince Andy that Lachlan would have told her if he knew something about the shooting.  Andy seems to believe her, but is disappointed there’s no other suspects, which gives Chrissie an idea.

When she realises what Rakesh has done with Mill cottage she has him over a barrel even though he seems to have worked out her agenda with Andy.  Having backed him into a corner, Chrissie bribes him that she will buy the Mill development if he ensures Andy is convicted.

At the court, Rakesh battles with his conscience but doesn’t feel he has any choice;  he advises Andy to plead guilty.  Andy takes his place in the dock and makes his plea…

Will Joanie go through with the wedding?

Joanie, Lisa, Belle & Chas Dingle, Emmerdale
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Belle feels guilty when an excited Joanie comes to collect her wedding dress and sees the stain.  Meanwhile, Aaron and Charity are hostile about Zak’s stag do and Lisa sobs to Chas that she is still in love with Zak.

Zak gets a little too tipsy on his stag do and Joanie has to pull him out of a bush.  She’s disturbed when he calls her Lisa.  The day of the wedding arrives and for Zak it brings a hangover and he worries he’s made a fool of himself.

Ellie continues to torment Belle about being a bridesmaid, saying that Joanie is the root of her problems.  As Joanie tells Belle she’s nervous about the wedding, Belle starts shaking and fixes her gaze on an unnerved Joanie.  Later, Lisa is shocked when, back at her place, she finds Joanie in her wedding dress; just what has she got to say?

David re-proposes to Tracy

Tracy Shankley & David Metcalfe, Emmerdale
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As David’s divorce papers come through, he wastes no time in re-proposing to Tracy.  Whilst a reluctant Leyla, agrees to help plan the wedding as David asks Tracy about the guestlist.  Tracy says she has no one to invite;  her mum’s in Ibiza and her dad is in prison.  David sees an opportunity…

David goes to the prison to see Tracy’s dad, Frank who appears to be friendly and happy that David wants to help him mend bridges with Tracy.  David finds out that he’s due for early release.

Tracy is stunned and upset when she learns that David has been to see her dad and tells David he’s been played.  Meanwhile, Vanessa gets a strange phone call…


April & Carly Hope, Emmerdale
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April is insistent that Carly comes to her birthday party and tells her that she’d choose her to be her new Mum.

Cain is antagonised by James and Charity tries to seduce him but he pushes her away.  He wants Moira back.  Holly takes his clothes to the pub so Moira doesn’t have to see him and is worried by what he tells her.  She sets about trying to get the pair back together but her plans fail.  Cain is devastated when Moira asks him for a divorce.

Pierce is suspicious when he overhears Rakesh telling Emma and James that he still doesn’t have their deposit from Mill Cottage.  He decides to interfere and tells Rakesh he has just 48 hours to return the deposit or they are taking him to court.

Rhona receives an anniversary card from Paddy.

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