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Elementary 4×24 A Difference in Kind season finale recap

We recap the season 4 finale.

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

The season four finale of Elementary began by resolving the cliffhanger from the end of the last episode. Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) had returned home to the Brownstone but Sherlock felt someone was watching. Instead of using the front door they went around the back and upon entering discovered an identical bomb to the one that blew up Morland’s offices.

Watson was worried and wanted to call the bomb squad but Sherlock reckoned that as no one had seen them enter they were perfectly safe. Suddenly he grabbed the bomb and ripped it off the side of the containers disarming it. He deduced that it would have had to be detonated remotely.

Next he decided they should head straight over the road to the apartment where he felt someone was watching them. Inside they discovered that it was empty but a small window overlooking their front door was open. There was also the smell of a freshly lit cigarette and he found the remainder of it stubbed out.

Knowing that Moriarty had told Vikner not to harm him or Watson he suggested that the person responsible for the bomb must be someone else. He wondered if that someone was maybe trying to overthrow Vikner (Tony Curran). Sherlock even thought that maybe they would be able to work with whoever had tried to kill them against Vikner.

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

Their next clue came when they discovered that Christopher Grey, the head of Morland’s (John Noble) security, had wound up in hospital. He had been in some kind of fight a couple of streets away from the Brownstone. They went to visit him and he claimed he had no idea what had happened. Sherlock felt that he might have just been spying for Morland and come across the bomber.

A quick look at Grey’s jacket revealed a packet of the same cigarettes in one pocket and some dust on the shoulder. Sherlock instantly thought that the dust may have come from a church renovation near the Brownstone so set off to investigate.

Inside he discovered the dead body of a man and his father Morland with a couple of his security team. Sherlock took some photo’s of the man and his father told him that he hadn’t killed him. He also told Sherlock that he would deal with the body and offered Sherlock his full help as he didn’t want to lose his son.

Sherlock initially refused and went back to Watson. After a little research he changed his mind and decided that his father’s help would be useful. He ran the photo’s of the man through some facial recognition software and discovered he was a driver for an Iranian diplomat. His father was able to get them a meeting with the woman.

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

She apologised for trying to kill Sherlock and Watson and confirmed that it seemed her best shot at taking down Vikner. She then showed them how incredibly huge Moriarty’s organisation was and revealed that they had initially wanted Morland to lead it. When they asked her for help though she refused.

Instead Sherlock decided the best approach would be to frame Vikner for an unsolved murder. He found a case they could use and sent Watson to one of his lectures. Once there he called her phone and she gave it to Vikner to talk. Morland was on the line and offered to take him up on the truce he offered Sherlock.

Vikner refused but the real purpose of the call was to get his fingerprints on the phone. They used them on a knife with the blood of a woman who had been murdered. They then took it to the FBI as new evidence in the case. Vikner however had disappeared.

Meanwhile, Morland had a plan of his own and had offered to meet with Vikner to give himself up. Christopher Grey arrived at the Brownstone to tell Sherlock that Morland had fired his entire security team.

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

© Michael Parmelee / CBS Broadcasting

Sherlock couldn’t get hold of his father but the FBI did manage to track Vikner’s phone. They passed Sherlock the location and he met the FBI there. Inside there were reports of a dead body and Sherlock is expecting it to be his father. However it turned out to be Vikner who was dead.

A text message arrived from Morland telling Sherlock to meet him on the roof of the Brownstone. When he arrived Morland explained that the organisation had taken out Vikner and that he was to take over as the head of the organisation.

Sherlock couldn’t believe it but his father said it was the only way to keep him and Watson safe. Morland said he would be leaving for London and would ensure there was no longer a presence by the organisation in New York. He said his other aim was to dismantle the organisation from the inside.

At the end of the episode Sherlock had been given his father’s safehouse. He didn’t want it and offered it to Watson to live in on her own. She refused and decided to remain with Sherlock.

Elementary will return for a fifth season in 2017. Read our top 10 wishlist for Elementary season 5.

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