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This week in movies: Batman v Superman, Bridge of Spies & The Wicker Man

Here are the films we think you should be watching this week.

From the hottest cinema releases, brand new to Blu-ray, and the best of what’s on the box, Entertainment Focus has it covered.

At the cinema

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – released 25/03/2016

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There’s only one rodeo in town this week folks. Yes that’s right, after years of anticipation, rumours and teasers, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is finally here. The film the whole world has been waiting for. Big Fat Greek God versus Man from Sex and the City.

I’m joking of course. And apologies to fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This is what is known in distribution circles as counter programming. Because as we all know, the big release this week is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Considering the scale of this film, and the cinematic event that it promises to be (Batman, Supes and Wonder Woman sharing the screen), the level of anticipation doesn’t seem to be quite as hot as it perhaps should.

Superhero fatigue? Uninspiring trailers? Luke-warm reviews from the critics? Whatever the reason, this is still the film you should be seeing this week. If only to answer the following questions: Will Ben Affleck make a good Batman? Will Henry Cavill finally show some personality? How many people on twitter will make a Waiting for (Gal) Gadot related pun?

Seriously though, this film is a big deal. DC and Warner Bros entire extended universe slate (at least 9 more films between now and 2020) are depending on this being a hit. Blockbuster season starts here.

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On Blu-ray

Bridge of Spies – released 28/03/2016

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Co-written by the Coen Brothers. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Starring Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance. If that doesn’t sell this film to you, then nothing will. Set during the Cold War, predominantly in Berlin, Bridge of Spies tells the story of an American lawyer (Hanks) enlisted by the CIA to negotiate a prisoner exchange with the Soviets.

This film is like a giant cinematic hug. From the first frame you know you are in safe hands. Well written, beautifully directed, and perfectly acted. Fair warning though, this is not a fast paced spy thriller. There are no pyrotechnics, car chases, shoot outs or fight scenes. This is a film about what is said, and what is left unsaid. A film where subtlety and nuance triumphs over gung-ho action.

If you prefer your spy films a little more talky and thoughtful, then this is the film you should be adding to your collection this week.


On television

The Wicker Man – 26/03/2016 11:15pm on ITV4

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If you’ve had your fill of spies and superheroes, why not try something a little weirder instead. One of the most unsettling and eerie films ever made, The Wicker Man is guaranteed to haunt your dreams.

Starring Edward Woodward as Sgt. Howie, a mainland copper sent to investigate a missing child on a remote Scottish Island, The Wicker Man is a classic of British Cinema. It’s strange mix of folklore, music, sex and religion make it an unforgettable, and sometimes uncomfortable viewing experience. As the devout Howie attempts to find the missing girl, he encounters all manner of strange business on the Island. At the heart of it all is Lord Summerisle, played with a genial menace by Christopher Lee in perhaps the greatest role of his extraordinary career.

The Wicker Man is a fantastic film, and if you haven’t seen it before then make you sure watch it this week. The final scenes are among the most disturbing ever committed to film. Altogether now….”Sumer is Icumen In…”

John Parker
John Parker
John is a freelance writer and film reviewer for Entertainment Focus.

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