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Blingby gives access to the lifestyle of the stars

Blingby, a new video entertainment experience app and website, has launched in the UK. Tipped as one of the hottest apps of 2016 it aims to be the no.1 destination for music and movie fans worldwide.

Music videos and movie trailers offer a constant source of fashion and lifestyle inspiration – what is on trend right now, which designer to wear, where to go on that dream summer holiday, which type of car to drive and much more.

Blingby allows fans to stream the latest music videos and movie trailers and provides a synchronised stream where the clothes, accessories, cars, homewares and even luxury venues and travel locations as seen in the videos pop up on screen. Not only that it identifies where products are available to buy, linking users directly to the relevant online shop.

In a few clicks, fans can own those shoes as seen on Ariana Grande, sport the same sunglasses as Justin Bieber, get the latest James Bond gadget, or book a getaway to soak up the sunshine on the very same beach as Beyoncé. Catering for all budgets, more affordable alternatives are also suggested allowing users to get that all-star look without the high-end price tag.

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Users can also mingle with others in the Blingby community via ‘bbMe’ – a fun interactive feature which allows users to upload selfies and videos via their Blingby profile, sharing their experiences with other members of the ‘bbWorld’. Blingby’s community allows users to take control and vote for new videos to be ‘bbTagged’, to discover and purchase what the latest stars are wearing and visit where their videos are filmed. Blingby also works closely with upcoming breakthrough artists to bring fans the freshest new acts exclusively via the website and app.

With more to come in 2016, Blingby is set offer the biggest and best in concert footage, sporting events, TV programmes and more.

Download the Blingby app via the iTunes App Store and Google Play or visit the official website for more information.

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