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Minions Blu-ray review

Those loveable Minions are back. Having made Universal millions in merchandising alone, it comes as no surprise to see these little stars in their very own movie after big success in Despicable Me.

This prequel charts the rise of the Minions as they search through time to serve a worthy master. The opening sequence is worth the admission price alone as we see the role the Minions have played in the lives of dinosaurs, cavemen and even Dracula himself.


The crux of the story follows their quest for a new master at Villain-Con, a mass gathering of the most high-profile criminals on the planet. Enter Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock), a woman looking to take over the world and who might just need the Minions help.

Forgettable fun but with plenty of good laughs along the way, Minions is a great family movie that will keep everyone entertained.

Jason Palmer
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