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Emmerdale Spoilers: Cain cheats on Moira

Chrissie and Cain lock lips.

Cain Dingle & Chrissie White, Emmerdale
Credit: ITV

After last week’s bombshell surprise baby from Charity, just what does Emmerdale have in store for us this week?  Read on to find out.

Cain cheats on Moira

With speculation running rife over who’s Charity’s baby-daddy, Moira is uneasy when she realises that Cain has lied to her about going to a meeting and has instead gone to the prison to see Charity.  The latter is glad to see Cain, but their meeting doesn’t go well.

After he leaves Charity, Cain heads off to a scruffy looking house where he meets Joanie (Kyle’s adopted grandmother) and gives her some money for a desposit, telling her that he doesn’t want to see, or hear, from her again.

Seems she didn’t get the message, as later, she turns up in the village saying she’s been mugged and has nowhere to live.  Val turns her away, but Zak takes her and Kyle in, much to Cain’s annoyance.  One person who is keen to see Kyle is his maternal grandma, Kerry, but unfortunately Joanie doesn’t want her to see him.

Cain Dingle & Joanie Wright, Emmerdale

Credit: ITV

Meanwhile, Robert is still desperately trying to locate Vic and Adam and Andy suspects that Cain might know where they are hiding.  Robert hires Harriet to follow him and see if he leads her to the eloped pair.

Chrissie is getting suspicious of Robert as she sees him giving Ross cash and then Robert bluffs about Adam’s mobile (that he’s been using to throw Moira off the scent) being a gift for Lachlan.  Chrissie doesn’t believe him and heads off in search of Aaron, but ends up in the garage with Cain where the pair have a row that ends in a passionate kiss.  A kiss that Harriet captures on camera!  Cain quickly comes to his senses and pushes Chrissie away unaware they are being watched.

Later, Chrissie is alarmed when Robert explains he’s hired Harriet to follow Cain, but will Harriet come clean about what she saw or will she remove that from  her surveillance?

You never know with Robert, but it certainly seems like he’s up to something when he invites Cain and Moira round for dinner.  What exactly has he got planned?

Rachel loses control as Jai pushes her buttons

Jai Sharma, Sam and Zak Dingle, Emmerdale

Credit: ITV

Sneaky Jai drugged Rachel’s wine and as Sam tries to wake her for the mediation meeting, she rushes off to be sick whilst outside Jai is pleased to see his plan is working.  He even tells Sam that the meeting has moved to later in the day, but a furious Rachel clicks that he’s set her up and Sam has to step in to stop her from hitting him.

It doesn’t stop Zak from having a pop at Jai though, where he warns him off messing with Rachel and Sam, but he may have just made the situation worse.  That evening, Rachel lays the blame at Sam’s door and he’s soon left terrified by her behaviour.

Next day, Rachel is all apologetic to Sam as he lies to Ruby about where his injuries have come from.  Can he forgive her?

Finn sets Emma up on a date

Emma Barton, Emmerdale

Credit: ITV

Emma starts the week earwigging a conversation between Chas and Debbie about Cain, something that she puts to bad use later in the week.

Still desperately hoping that her and James can get together again, she is encouraged when he admits to having doubts about their divorce.  This is short lived when Finn warns James of Emma’s recent attempts at breaking him up from Chas.  James heads off to Emma’s cottage and tells her that he’s signed the divorce papers.

Emma storms into the Farm and accuses Moira of turning James against her before making a shocking announcement.  Just what did she overhear between Chas and Debbie?

Finn is feeling guilty and confesses to Emma it was him who told James and that she should let the past go.  He even engineers a date between her and a doctor leaving Emma less than happy.  That is until she sees an opportunity to show James what he’s missing and plays up to the doctor.


Dan Spencer, Emmerdale

Credit: ITV

Dan realises that Kerry has copied his business course assignment and he hits the roof, but Kerry isn’t beaten easily and hatches another plan.

Ashley gives the villagers a shock when he falls to the floor and has a seizure.  Could Laurel be the one to step in and take control of the situation?

Carly pushes forward with the shop opening only for David to pull out of the sale leaving Bob and Carly stunned.  Just what is his reason?


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