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War for the Overworld out now

Indie studio Subterranean Games have announced the full release of their first title, War for the Overworld. The game is a dungeon management sim influenced directly by memorable classics such as Dungeon Keeper, Overlord and StarCraft.

As a malevolent Underlord in charge of sculpting and ruling their own particular version of hell, players must defend their nightmarish niches from the clutches of rival cantankerous caretakers, and take over other diabolic destinations in a bid to become ultimate ruler of the Overworld.

The Underlord Edition provides more content above and beyond the core game, for those who wish to wage the ultimate war of bloodthirstiness, including the soundtrack, digital artbook and two additional dungeon themes.

War for the Overworld is available now on Steam, with a special Underlord Edition available in stores thanks to PC publisher Sold Out.

EF will be bringing you a full review of War for the Overlord later this month. For more information on the game check out the official War for the Overlord website.

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