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Björn Borg launches First Person Lover

In a stroke of genius Björn Borg, the Sports Fashion brand, have turned to video games to promote their spring summer collection. In collaboration with Isbit Games they have used Unity3D to create their own tongue-in-cheek twist on the First Person Shooter genre.

Removing the violence of the genre the result is First Person Lover, a completely bonkers yet wonderful game that you can play for free in your browser. To give you a taste of the game they have put together one of the most amazing trailers we’ve ever seen.

The game lets you equip your male or female avatar with items from the new Björn Borg collection. Then it’s up to you to fight the evil hate that has spread through the world.

To help you in your quest are a variety of love inspired weapons. There’s a hologram kiss blower, a rainbow crossbow, a flower petal thrower, a bubble blaster and even teddy grenades.

First Person Lover

The hate filled enemies need to be blasted with love until their clothes fly off. Then you just need to give a quick push with your love glove to liberate them. Leaving them happy as well as kitted out in random items from the Björn Borg collection.

The game is short but features online leaderboards so you can go head to head with friends to see who is the best First Person Lover. Considering it’s essentially an interactive advert it’s surprisingly good.

Head on over to the official First Person Lover website to play the game.

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