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Gone Girl Blu-ray review

When his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) goes missing, Nick Dunne’s (Ben Affleck) life is brought into the spotlight as people search for her whereabouts. But evidence soon suggests that Nick may have actually been the one to make his wife disappear.

David Fincher’s keen direction does Gillian Flynn’s absorbing, dark and frequently humorous story justice in this bizarre but compelling drama. Throw in Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor’s haunting score and you have a gorgeous project that oozes quality from every pore.

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Affleck and Pike on startlingly fine form here. Ben Affleck’s huge muscular frame (in prep for Batman) actually does the premise some justice when his integrity and anger are brought into question. Affleck has always has his haters but they are all wrong. He has consistently been superb in all of his films (both in front of and behind the camera) and he uses all of his charm to great effect here, creating genuine doubt and suspicion about his character and his motives.

I’ve longed for Rosamund Pike to get a decent role and she is finally given one with Gone Girl. It’s a revelatory performance that showcases her uncanny ability to shift tone and style effortlessly. Together Affleck and Pike are a glorious partnership that sells the hi-concept premise remarkably well. Their natural chemistry bubbles and makes her disappearance all the more compelling.

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There is very strong support in the form of Tyler Perry too, an actor so often relegated to poor supporting roles in projects that aren’t his own. Perry is magnetic onscreen and steals every one of his scenes as a famous lawyer brought in to help Nick’s predicament. Carrie Coon is the most sympathetic and relatable character in the film and she is wonderful as Affleck’s twin sister. Delectable flavour of the month Emily Ratajkowski, Missi Pyle, Casey Wilson and Boyd Holbrook are also all solid with Neil Patrick Harris quite excellent as one of Amy’s earlier flings.

It sometimes veers into the absurd but it’s always entertaining and unpredictable and that’s Gone Girl’s secret weapon. Those unfamiliar with the book will have the most to look forward to here, thanks to the many unforeseen twists and turns the narrative takes. It also does a remarkable job in conveying the media’s role in tragedy and how it feeds off shocking revelations and sensationalised news. This constantly surprises the viewer and makes the sillier moments much more enjoyable. And when you blanket this with David Fincher’s direction, it’s hard to fault. Gone Girl is certainly a highlight of the year and one that demands your time and attention.

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