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A Christmas Carol adapted by Neil Bartlett

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, adapted by Neil Bartlett, will play at the Old Red Lion Theatre from Wednesday 10th December 2014 to Saturday 3rd January 2015.

Using only Charles Dickens’ extraordinary words and an ensemble of six actors, Neil Bartlett’s A Christmas Carol promises to be a bold theatrical re-imagining of the classic Christmas story. Through this amazing re-working Barlett pulls to the forefront qualities of love, compassion and forgiveness in a totally new slant on Dickens.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a man who has everything; a thriving business, a house of his own in a popular part of London and a huge stash of money he wants to keep for himself. Best of all, it’s Christmas Eve and he’s about to be visited by his old friend Jacob Marley. The only problem is that Marley is dead. Dead as a door-nail. Scrooge is about to be dragged on a ride through the snowy and uncertain landscapes of Christmas past, present and yet to come. What is to be seen cannot be forgotten. You will be haunted by three spirits. Expect the first tomorrow when the bell… tolls… God bless us, every… One.

Dickens’ quintessential story of ghosts, greed and goodwill is given boisterous new life in this chilling, contemporary, fresh production. Here, the ensemble play all the roles – singing, creating sound effects and new stage configurations through their invigorating physicality.

See www.oldredliontheatre.co.uk to book.

Greg Jameson
Greg Jameson
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