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Helix season 2: 10 things we want

We reveal our wishes for the show’s upcoming second season.


Helix ended its first season last night in the UK with an episode that served up plenty of surprises and lots of questions.

If you haven’t seen the first season of Helix we suggest you stop reading now so we don’t spoil anything for you. If you have seen it keep on reading for our thoughts on season 2.

The season finale reunited Julia (Kyra Zagorsky) with her mother Jane (Amber Goldfarb) only to watch her get killed before being kidnapped by The Scythe (Robert Naylor) who blew up the base. We also learned that Peter (Neil Napier) was working with Ilaria all along and that Sarah (Jordan Hayes) was pregnant – presumably with Alan’s (Billy Campbell) baby.

The beginning and the end of the episode fast-forwarded to Day 235 as Peter was trying to track down Julia who was revealed to be working at Ilaria as a top executive. Has she gone evil or does she have a plan we’re not yet privy to?

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Helix will be returning for a second season in 2015 but until then we’ve started to think about what we want when the show returns.

1. Alan to make better choices. Ok so he didn’t have the easiest time in season one but he made some shockingly bad choices didn’t he? Sleeping with Sarah, putting his life on the line to cure his brother Peter, going round in circles with Julia… Granted he had a moment of heroism at the end of season one when he jumped on the aircraft to try and save Julia but he failed taking one canister with him – was it the cure or the virus?

2. Peter to get his comeuppance. When it was revealed he had been working with Ilaria we admit we were a little shocked. It seems that Alan’s brother is as deceitful and manipulative as ever. By Day 235 it seems Alan still has no idea what his brother’s up to so we want to see this come out in season 2 and things to come to a head between the brothers.

3. Big Bad Julia. All the signs point towards Julia being the big bad in season 2 and if we’re right she’s going to make her father Hatake’s (Hiroyuki Sanada) questionable behaviour in season 1 seem like child’s play.

4. Outbreaks of the virus across the world. In the season finale there was an outbreak in Puerto Rico so we want to see more outbreaks that up-the-ante and pile on the tension. Can Alan’s team make enough of the cure to save the world or will they find themselves fighting a losing battle?

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5. More Balleseros (Mark Ghanime). After getting plenty of juicy storylines in the first half of the season Balleseros was pretty much sidelined for the rest of the season. There’s much more story to tell with this character and we want it told in season 2. Put Balleseros front and centre in the next chapter of the story and integrate him better into the main storyline.

6. New blood. A fair few characters got killed off in season one leaving plenty of room for some new characters to come in and shake things up. Now the team is out of the base there are lots of opportunities to introduce new characters into the mix.

7. The return of The Scythe. We’re sure it’s not the last we’ve seen of him and he’s still got some revenge to take out on Hatake for murdering his mother Constance (Jeri Ryan). Could we potentially see the introduction of The Scythe’s father in season 2? As of yet he’s not been mentioned so could he be even more dangerous than his son?

8. Dr Jordan’s baby drama. The moment of relief Sarah had when she discovered her cancer wasn’t back was soon wiped out by the discovery that she was pregnant. As she’s only had sex with Alan during the first season (that we know of) it’s safe to assume he’s the father. We’re interested to see how this one plays out and if Sarah and Alan could have a future together.

9. Hatake to continue his path to redemption. It’s safe to say the dodgy scientist had a rough time in season one, most of which was his own doing. The reveal that he was Julia’s father was one of the best moments in the season and now it seems Julia has switched sides their strained relationship could make for an interesting focus in the new season. Either way Hatake has a long road to take in order to redeem himself after his despicable actions.

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10. Dark and tense moments. Some of the best parts of season one was when the show got dark and we saw the way the virus affected people. This gave us plenty edge-of-the-seat moments and we hope for a much darker tone in season 2. The virus outbreak is potentially horrific so we want to see as much of it as possible.

Helix will return for a second season in 2015.


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